Evaluating The Dragon Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Excited to eat the dragon fruit yogurt? Or should I say a dragon fruit flavored yogurt. The latter is more correct cause there is no way the lactic acid bacteria would ferment the dragon fruit juice and puree.

drago fruit flavored yogurt

It is a dragon fruit flavored yogurt given to me by a Food Technology thesis student. A session for color acceptability test. I am puzzled, there is a yogurt and a mini teaspoon in front of me. I need to eat it and rate color acceptability after. Why not conduct a full-blown sensory evaluation test? Stop! It is out of my concerns.

The dragon fruit variety used for this yogurt was red. A strong dark red which readily stains teeth, tongue, hands and clothing if the handler is not careful. It is like a McCormick liquid dye which can make a basin of water red with few drops. I am thinking why the yogurt color was pink. Maybe she added too little dragon fruit to plain yogurt. I never perceived any dragon fruit taste either, just a plain sour yogurt.

My color acceptability verdict – moderately acceptable.