Why Choose a Commercially Prepared Calamansi Juice Over the Natural?

1) Convenience. Preparing Calamansi juice from fruit every morning takes several minutes. Slicing to halves, squeezing, removing the seeds, adding water and mixing sugar to taste. Then washing hands and utensils afterwards.

Preparing juice from concentrate is easier. Pour desired amount of concentrate and water then mix well.

A ready juice in can is the most convenient. Just open the can and drink. No hassles of preparations. People with a hectic schedule or the lazy individuals often opt for this product.

2) Price. The cost of commercially prepared juice is often lower than the fruit itself. Lower pricing is possible due to usage of water, artificial flavors and other extenders.

3) Taste difference. Natural calamansi has astringent taste, mapakla. The taste is caused by breakage of seeds during preparation. It still has a trace of astringency after avoiding the breakage of any seeds.

Commercial juice drink manufacture has a way to removed the astringent taste by using niringinase and flavorings.

4) We are not conscious about our health. We eat and eat delicious foods continuously. We never mind if it can bring danger to health or not. We are starting to watch the foods we eat after having symptoms of illness.