Corn Grits Champorado

1 cup corn grits
6 cups water
5 tablets cacao
1/2 cup refined sugar
200 ml evaporated milk

Cooking Instructions:
Wash corn grits. Add water in a casserole. Boil and stir thoroughly until corn grits cook well. Add cacao and mix, boil again over low fire setting. Add sugar, then mix. Add evaporada and stir. Serve hot.

corn grits champorado

Corn Rice That Looks Like Real Rice?

When did corn became rice? Nope! It never happened yet. Not until our crop scientists managed to combine corn and rice genes. It is close to reality with today’s technology advancement.

rico corn rice grainsEvery piece of grain is yellow, like corn, and every piece looks not different from a real rice grain.  There is no way it is a corn.

However, it is a real corn according to seller. Corns are mechanically transformed to  mimic the rice grain appearance. So why they need to do the hard work of forming corns to rice grains? Invest in a rice forming machine when the first can be eaten in its original state?  It is simply to encourage more corn consumption and help solve rice shortage.  I heard from news recently that more and more people are eating corn as main energy source. This innovation might be of big help in boosting the trend.

The product has no label. What comes with it is a sort of brochure. It is not attached to PE bag in any way. A little negligence and it is gone for. It contains product information on front and more information on the back.

rico corn riceThe product has benefits. Lower glycemic index and no cholesterol. Naturally rich in beta carotene, lutein and fiber. It is good for controlling blood sugar lever, maintaining good eyesight and increasing energy. It is aflatoxin free.

Cooking instructions are little different.  Water is added and boiled first before adding the corn rice. A starting rice to water ratio of 1:1 1/4 is suggested. I personally recommended watching the first try closely. You might need more water than what the label said. I used 1:2 for my first try.

Washing is not needed but you can wash it if you like.  It is going to take away some of the added nutrients.

Plain cooked corn rice using rice cooker.
1) Put water into the rice cooker and switch it on.
2) When the water boils, add the corresponding amount corn rice.
3) Allow the rice cooker to cook it to desired consistency. Serve.

Plain cooked rice using a cooking pot (kaldero)
1) Heat water in a caldero until it boils.
2) Add the corresponding amount of corn rice.
3) Cook over a medium heat until the desired moist and consistency are achieve. Serve.

cooked rico corn rice

I mean no offense. This never taste like corn. It is like a rice left in storage room for a long time. Maybe an isolated case.

No ingredients indicated.

Corn Squash Hotcake

Mga Sangkap
1 tasang corn flour
3 tasang harina
3 kutsaritang baking powder
1 tasang asukal
4 kutsarang margarine, tinunaw
1 latang gatas ebaporada, maliit
2 pirasong eggyolk
1 tasang kalabasa, luto at niligis na
1/4 kutsaritang vanilla
1 tasang tubig
1/4 tasang mantika, pang prito

1 cup corn starch
3 cups flour
3 tablespoons baking powder
1 cup sugar
4 tablespoons margarine, melted
1 evaporated milk, smallest can
2 pieces egg yolk
1 cup squash, cooked and mashed
1/4 teaspoon  vanilla
1 cup water
1/4 cup cooking oil, for frying

Paraan ng pagluluto:
1) Ilagay sa isang lalagyan ang lahat ng sangkap at haluin. Dagdagan ng tubig kung sobra ng lapot.
2) I-prito sa maiinit na mantika, 1/2 tasa sa bawat salang.
3) Ihain habang mainit.

Cooking procedure:
1) Mix all the ingredients well. Add water to adjust viscosity.
2) Measure 1/2 cup mixture and fry. Repeat to consume rest of the mix.
3) Serve while still hot. Topping with a quick melt cheese is a nice option.

A recipe included in Department of Agriculture 2013 Calendar. The original title was “Corn Hotcake”.

corn squash hotcake mixfrying corn squash hotcakecorn squash hotcake with quick melt cheesecorn squash hotcake with quarter slice

Corn Camote Turon

Mga Sangkap
1 tasang corn flour
2 dalwang tasang nilagang camote, dinurog
1 tasang gatas, condensada
4 kutsarang margarina, tinunaw
25 pirasong pambalot ng lumpia
1 tasang asukal

1 cup corn flour
2 cups boiled kamote, mashed
1 cup milk, condensed
4 tablespoons margarine, melted
25 pieces lumpia wrapper
1 cup sugar

Paraan ng Pagluluto
1) Haluing mabuti ang kamote, corn flour, gatas at margarina sa isang lalagyan.
2) Maglagay ng isang kutsara sa pambalot ng lumpia at i-rolyo.
3) Pagulungin sa asukal at iprito sa lubog na mantika hanggang sa pumula.

Cooking Procedure
1) Mix well mashed kamote, corn flour, condensed milk and melted margarine.
2) Place one tablespoon of mixture on lumpia wrapper and fold neatly.
3) Roll on sugar and deep fry until golden brown, an appearance similar to cooked banana cue.

mashing kamote

adding corn flour

corn camote turon rolled on sugar

corn kamote turon

A recipe included in the Department of Agriculture 2013 Calendar. The original tile is Corn Turon.

Get Your Precious Crops Insured

Farming is a risky job. There are many unexpected things that might happen throughout the course of your food production venture. Seeds didn’t sprout. Plants devastated by typhoon and  pests. Rainfall became scarce. Then the expected yield was never realized. The worst case, you may never get your capital back and your are left crying in  the corner.

Yes, farming is risky but there are ways  to minimize the chance of lost. Use a hybrid and high yielding variety. Don’t plant during typhoon season. Keep up to date on latest cultural practices and pest & diseases preventing and fighting techniques. Provide a good irrigation. And, the uncommon thing in agricultural practice, getting a crop insurance. Apply for a crop insurance from Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC). It is an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture responsible for issuing crop insurance to qualified farmers, crops, farm animals, area, season and form of loss.

PCIC Insurance Programs
– rice crop insurance
– corn crop insurance
– high-value commercial crop insurance
– livestock insurance
– non-crop agricultural asset insurance
– fisheries insurance
– and, term insurance packages

Before deploying the resources of yours, consider consulting PCIC. Know if you are qualified. Minimize your risk of crop loss.

For more information, please refer to:

Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC)
3rd Floor, VAG Building, Ortigas Avenue
San Juan, Metro Manila 1502
Tel. No. (632)-721-5461 to 65
Fax No. (632)-727-1291Email:

First Trial, Boiled Young Corn for Making Cornicks

From the article, “The Old and New Cornick Story“, cornick or corn nuts are prepared by soaking corn for three days, changing water everyday, rinse drying and then frying. It said that water soaking is done to restore the original kernel size that was loss after drying.

There was a hint of the required maturity, matured corns with dry husk at the time of harvest. Matured corns are removed from cobs and dried before selling to market. However, it is not stated that young corns are not fit for making cornicks.

Note: I am referring to young corn for boiling and merienda purposes. Those which are sold on side streets and public markets.

boiled young corn cobFirst trial. Raw young corn was not available at the moment, I used boiled young corn instead. Removed them manually from cobs using bare fingers. Then deep fried in oil over medium heat for about three minutes.

boiled young corn kernelsCorns turned golden brown. Some popped causing the burst of hot oil droplets. Kernels became crunchy but half empty. Eating it was not enjoyable.

fried young cornYoung corn lacks starch and cannot be used for making cornick. I will continue this when other materials became available.