The Three Hidden GMO's in Food

The most neglected part of any commercially prepared food is the ingredient list. We prefer a brand over the other due to its popularity. We never consider the product ingredient list.

The more we ignore the ingredient list, the more we cannot see the hidden gmo’s in food products.question mark

I am not emphasizing not to eat gmo products nor saying that they are bad. However, gmo’s are new organisms. They might cause unwanted side effects such as antibiotic resistance, cancer, weak immune system and severe allergic reactions.  There are lots of studies proving gmo safety though.

Think about this. Some side effects take decades to discover. We are all guinea pigs to this world wide gmo testing.

Soybean is one of the most popular genetically modified plant. The gmo type has a gene of Agrobacterium sp that make it resistant to certain herbicides. It is the source of lecithin, an emulsion for making ice cream and chocolate.

This crop is also well known to us. The bt corn. To control the corn borer, a gene from the bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis, was injected to corn. This enable the corn to produce bt delta endotoxin, a selective protein which attacks only corn borer larvae. The two main products of corn in circulation are glucose and maltodextrin. Glucose is used mostly for beverages and baked goodies. Maltodextrin is a low carb sweetener and can also be used as thickening agent.

The Binatog / Bualaw na Mais

The last time I ate boiled corn on cobs, I finished about 15 pieces in a row. Then I was not able to ate dinner and my stomach felt full till morning. My stomach felt achy that whole day. I ate little rice for breakfast and lunch. Thanked God! I felt well already at dinner time.

It is very true that eating corn makes you fuller for longer periods. It gives anyone the energy to do more jobs. However, too much should not be eaten or suffer its consequence, the stomach ache or kabag.

This time I have the bualaw. I never wanted to have bloated stomach again so I got just one cup.

bualaw binatog na mais

Bualaw is also called binatog in other areas.

I am seeing some vendors selling binatog. After ordering, the vendor will pack it in cellophane. Then he will hand to customer the slimy cooked corn. The product in a cellophane plastic looks yucky. The slimy corn looks like ______ . In guess you know what I mean!

I cook my own bualaw every time I want some. Here are the steps:

1) Choose corn with the right maturity. It should never be too hard and never too soft. It should be a little tougher than corn for boiling, nilagang mais. Be sure that the kernel ca be pierced easily with bare fingers.

2) Remove the corn from cobs. Some vendors in public market are selling the so called bualawing mais, himay na mais. Choosing it will save time and effort.

3) Wash the corn kernels to remove dirt and corn hairs. Place it in cooking vessel. Add water just enough to soak all the kernels.

4) Bring to boil until the kernels pop.

5) Serve with  sugar, milk, chocolate  or any desired flavorings.

Ang Inihaw Na Mais / Grilled Corn

Our lpg tank run empty. Too bad cause I wasn’t able to cook rice milk for my toddler. I was also too lazy to buy a replacement tank. I was not feeling well. My head was achy and felt too heavy. I could felt the pain of my muscle joints. I went to mother’s dirty kitchen and prepared some wood fire. I really needed to prepare rice milk or my toddler has nothing to drink.

After almost 40 minutes, the rice milk was ready. Cooking took that long using wood fire. It would be as short as five minutes using the lpg gas stove. Hmm…. I should be thanking instead of complaining.

There were some burning wood left. The next thing to do was to pour some water over it, water just enough to set the fire off. I never did it, I got four pieces of young corn instead. I roasted it over the glowing ember for 30 minutes. The resulting corn color was golden yellow to burnt black.

inihaw na mais

Broiled corn really taste good. Grilling imparts smoke flavor. However, it is tougher than boiled corn. Broiling tend to make some moisture escaped making the corn a little harder to bite.

I wonder why no one is selling roasted corn. They are all selling boiled corn. Trying the grilled corn would make a difference.

Is It Safe To Eat Rat Recipes?

The residents of Mlang North Cotobato are eating rats. Why do they eat rats?

Mlang has a total land area of 41 thousand hectares. About 13,000 hectares are planted with rice – irrigated and non irrigated. About 1,200 are planted with corn and 308 is palm oil plantation. field rat

The land area for planting is wide but many farmers barely recover their capital for the past two harvest seasons. Their crops are being infested by rats. Rats eat corn, rice and even the palm oil.

To solve the problem, the mayor passed an ordinance that two days of every week will be devoted to rat hunting. Every 15 rat tails presented to municipality is entitled to one kilogram rice [tv5 usi].

Some of the residents are eating rats cause they have no other choice, as form of revenge and because of its delectable meat.

Trade of rat meat in Nueava Ecija is an existing source of revenue. The current price of dressed rats is 80 pesos per kilogram. The popular recipe for this meat are ginisa, adobo, kinamatisan and broiled. Hunting is done at night. The skins, head and entrails are removed, washed thoroughly and sold to market [tv5 usi].

Mom and her sister used to eat rats when they were young. Grandfather was bringing home roasted rats. They were eating it cause they thought it was a roasted bird. She also added that the smell and taste are good. My ancestors believed that it can prevent and cure galis (scabbies – skin disorder).

We all know that rats are dirty.They eat spoiled dirty foods and live in dirty areas. They are the vessel of leptospirosis infection. Would you still consider eating rats? Are rats safe to eat?

From Yes! Rats are like fish, the dirtier their environment the tastier they get.

From Wild rats living in the cities usually suffer from internal parasites, but, if fully cooked, they are not dangerous to eat.

From forums of and A mixture of safe and not reactions. Safe if cooked properly and not cause you might get sick from it. Especially if you encountered a poisoned rat. Commentator stated that rat meat taste like chicken’s.

I cannot find other studies about its safety. Please inform me if you know some!

I have never heard of food poisoning incidence due to eating rat meat. On the other hand, food poisoning news and scare regarding chicken and chicken eggs are numerous.

photo courtesy of

Orange Corn Has The Highest Amount of Beta Carotene, Vitamin A

Some corns are white, some are yellow and some are orange. Do you wonder why? Which corn color do you prefer? She likes white corn. Orange corn is preferred for making duldol in few towns of Batangas. I prefer the yellow sweet corn.

Color is indication of corn’s beta carotene content. White corn contains almost none, yellow corn has and orange corn has the highest quantity. Our body converts this substance to vitamin A. Again, which corn do you prefer?

In our locality, the orange corn is grown only for animal feeds. Few people are eating those. Notice that all corn for sale are white and yellow (for human consumption). Buy cracked corn from nearest poultry supply and you will get orange corn.

Now that I know orange corn has high amount of beta carotene, I will consider it a choice for my next buy. Do I need to buy it from nearest poultry supply?orange corn

Corn is a staple food, next to rice. Its a rich source of carbohydrates. Philippines is a rice eating country but corn is a popular choice in times of calamity and lack of budget.

What is the problem with corn? The problem with corn is the same as the problem with rice, they lack many of the essential nutrients. One of them is the Vitamin A – needed for good eyesight. Some maize contain beta carotene but are way below the requirement.

Agricultural Research Service is on the run to develop corn with beta carotene content. The job is not easy cause corn is a very diverse crop. They need to screen lots of corn to find the potential candidate for development.

The target content is 15 micrograms per one gram. If successful, this will be of great help in fighting world hunger.

image courtesy of agricultural research service

A Healthier Corn, Open-Pollinated Variety

A newly introduced Open-Pollinated corn variety (OPV) or the IBP Variety 6 was developed by the Institute of Plant Breeding (IBP) University of the Philippines, Los Baños (UPLB). The variety is  high in protein, lysine and tryptophan? corn healthy

According Department of Agriculture OPV has a national yield potential of 5.4t/ha and can even yield higher when employed with recommended cultural management practices due to its tested local adaptability and agronomic performance. Proven by Mr.Artemio D. Esolana, a corn seed grower of Ilihan, Jose Dalman, Zamboanga del Norte who harvested big corn ears which are comparable to the ears of a hybrid.

So the next time you buy or plant corns, choose the open-pollinated variety. This corn is healthier to eat. In fact, corn can replace rice as our main food. Like rice, corn is a rich source of carbohydrates. I remember the couple featured in episode of Jessica Soho, they are eating corns and only corns in times of calamity.