Eating Sambong Shoots | to cure severe cough…

I got this single, a bit withered sambong shoots from mom’s table. She said, she is regularly getting sambong leaves, boiling it in water and adding it in her bath water.

sambong shoot

Someone posted a comment. I couldn’t clearly remember the details. It was about the sambong shoots. The fresh and uncooked shoots can be eaten. I got this one for a try.

I immediately tore one leaf and chewed it. Ouch! It tasted really awful, the unexplainable pungent taste and smell. It brought back the memories of our childhood. Everytime our fever was getting nearly cured, a strong sambong decoction was a must as bath water. The smell was so unpleasant. The worse scenario, she was forcing as to drink about two glasses of stronger tea.

I searched for the specific comment. I found out, I did not follow the full instructions. Too bad, I dumped the shoot already. Better luck next time!



sambong tops: from the top up to the soft part of the stem ends. cut it from there, remove the leaves leaving behind the soft stem, carefully remove the skin of the stem, strip the skin from the base going up to the tip. eat it raw. it has a nice taste and aroma. cooking destroys the medicinal properties. it is best when eaten raw. eat right after picking. it is what I am always doing when I have severe cough. I usually eat 3 times a day. 3 stems per eating time.

Tesco Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Powder for Oral Solutions

A cough medicine recommended by Julius.

Tesco Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough

Yesterday afternoon, he experienced a dry and almost non stop dry coughing. His conditioned improved a lot the day after. He handed me this powder pouch and told me that it was the secret behind his fast improvement.

The following are exact copy of what’s on the label. No copyright impingement intended. Just sharing what I read for public interest. Sentences after the double forward slashes [//] are my comments.

Tesco Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Powder for Oral Solutions.

For the symptomatic relief of colds and flu and chesty coughs, and the pain and congestion of sinusitis, including effective relief of aches and pains, headache, blocked nose, sore throat, chills, fever and to loosen stubborn phlegm.

5.2 g Sachet

// Paracetamol is for pain relief, Guaifenesin is expectorant and Phenylephrine is decongestant.

Tesco Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough 1

How to make: For oral use after dissolving the contents of the sachet in a standard mug of hot, but not boiling water (250 ml). Allow to cool to a drinkable temperature.

// The moisture vapor released by hot water also helps in easing the dry cough. It moisturize air passages thus making coughing easier.

Dosage: Adults, the elderly and children 12 years and over:
One sachet every four hours as required. Do not take more than four sachets (four doses) in any 24 hour period.

// I think, the phenylephrine is the factor which limit the intake frequency of this medicine. It has several contraindications. Search the web and see.

In closed box. Contains Paracetamol. Do not take with any paracetamol-containing products. Immediate medical advice should be sought in the event of an overdose, even if you feel well.

// I thought of Paracetamol as safe medicine! It intrigues me!

If you are taking medication or under medical care, consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Do not take with other cold, flu or decongestant products. Do not used these sachets after the date shown on pack.

// After the date shown on pack is the expiry date, October, 2014.

Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before you take these sachets.

// No leaflet handed to me. Sorry!

Keep all medicines out of reach and sight of children.

Do not store above 25°C.

Ingredients: Each sachet contains the active ingredients: paracetamol 1000 mg, guaifenesin 200 mg and phenylephrine hydrochloride 12.2 mg. Also contains sucrose, aspartame (E951) and sodium citrate (see leaflets for details).

// Other non active ingredients act as flavor enhancers and as preservative.

// The drug smelled like a mixture of orange juice, sugar and menthol.

MA Holder: Perrigo, Braunton, Devon EX33 2DL UK. PL12063/0104.

The Last Few Things I did Before My Cough Was Finally Cured

I read that cough usually last for one to three weeks. It is often self terminating and never need any medication. Proliferating medicines are just hoaxes and taking advantage of the common disease.

Know what? My persistent hard coughing lasted for two months, and another productive coughing of one month. I still experiencing rare coughing as of date.

I consulted a doctor after two weeks and no chronic symptoms found. I constantly monitored my saliva – it was perfectly normal. There was no abnormality in my mouth when I look at the mirror. Maybe it was an acute bronchitis, but my x-ray result was essentially normal.

Maybe I am allergic to peanuts. I was experiencing hard coughing whenever I eat even minute amounts. Or maybe, peanut is a real cough worsener. I also avoided eating crabs and shrimps. A friend of mine told me that two food items can worsen cough. Eating powdery foods such as pulvoron, chips, biscuits and crackers also worsen my coughing.

The last things I did.

1) Back to my regular diet. Taking sweets and salty foods occasionally. Avoiding those rendered no effect in curing cough.

2) Frequent water intake in small amounts. It wash away phlegm and prevent dry and itchy throat.

3) Occasionally chewing fresh ginger. It remove throat itchiness and help me get a good night sleep. Note: sucking ginger for prolonged period is not recommended. It causes internal mouth inflammation.

4) Ascorbic acid 500 mg. It was doctor’s recommended treatment. I has been taking Vitamin C supplement in the morning and before going to bed.

5) Enervon. I thought Vitamin C was not enough. I bought Enervon and took it once a day. This multivitamins and ascorbic acid are taken to boost body immune system.

You Might Be Taking the Wrong Cough Medicine

I heard and read from various sources that there are no real cures for cough. Cough is a natural body response to expel out bacteria, viruses and other harmful debris that enter the lungs. Coughing usually last from one to three weeks. Most are self terminating and never need any commercial medicines. However, there are several over-the-counter medicines to alleviate the symptoms.

There are two types of over-the-counter cough preparations, the expectorants and the suppressants or antitussives.

Suppressants such as Dextromethorphan HBr. The drug acts on brain, partially or completely stopping cough. It should be taken with caution as it impair the ability to cough. Too much phlegm build up might result to pneumonia. Maybe taken if coughing prevents someone to take a good night sleep.

Expectorants such as Guafenisin, Bromhexine HCl and Carboceisteine. Such are not made to stop cough. It act by moisturizing the lungs and thinning the mucus thus making coughing easier and more productive. Coughing stops when all the debris are expelled.

Other medicines combined with cough medicine or taken separately:

Decongestant such as Phenylephrine HCl. It loosens and clears air passages for easier breathing.

Salbutamol. I am not sure under which category it belongs. It treats bronchospasms or the narrowing of bronchi and bronchioles airways. I think it belongs under decongestants.

Pain relievers such as Paracetamol. Coughing causes strain on abdominal muscles. Prolonged and chronic symptom may cause pain, the painful coughing and sneezing. Pain relievers alleviate pain.

Antibiotics. Should only be taken with doctor’s prescription. Recommended to kill bacterial or to prevent bacterial infection during the duration of cough.

Antihistamines. When my cough was causing series of sleepless nights, doctor recommended taking Cetirizine before bedtime. I can never find any evidence that it really works against cough. It causes throat dryness making coughing more difficult.

Stronger cough medicines are available only with doctor’s prescription.

Please remember that all types may cause severe allergic reactions and side effects. Read the included brochure carefully. Stop medication if side effects manifest.

Drinking Garlic Tea as Cough Remedy

Garlic is the worse vegetable dish for me. It can make any dish a lot better but eating a piece of it makes me about to vomit. The taste is plain bad.

Do you hate garlic too? What if this bad tasting garlic is a cough cure. It is almost always available and could be an immediate remedy. In case any other cure is not available on hand, would you take garlic to ease your cough?

I have no cough but I wanted to find out if I can take garlic as tea. Eating it raw is a no no for me. A tea should be fine.

I got one garlic clove. Sliced it and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for ten minutes. Let stood for two minutes and drank. The tea version is not as bad as pure garlic glove. I could drink it with ease.

I thought garlic and ginger tea would be more palatable. I got another garlic glove and a piece of garlic. Sliced them both and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for 10 minutes. As I thought the mixture has a more pleasant taste and aroma. The garlic presence was masked by ginger. The soothing effect is more intense too.

Adding sugar to masked garlic is an option but not a good idea. Sugar tend to cause irritation resulting to coughing.

ginger and garlic

Taking Ice Cream as Cough Remedy

Have a cough? What will you do in case you really have? Rest is the least priority – need to work to earn some. Perhaps taking cough medicine is the first action.

Which medicine will you choose? Dahon (leaf) or the One?

The One refers to advertiser itself, the Solmux. It is being endorsed by Bossing Vic. The advantage of “The One” is fast acting cure – less waiting time. Fast acting cure is their claim.

On the other hand, dahon is none other than lagundi herbal cough medicine. This natural remedy is proven effective and recognized by the Department of Health (DOH). Some drug companies are commercializing it as syrup and capsule. Popular brands are Flemex and Ascof. They are true competitors.

Mom chose none of the above. She never take any cough syrup and any herbal medicine. She is taking a food that is not meant to be a cure. She is eating ice cream everytime she have a cough. I have not tried it but it really works for her every time.

ice cream on stick

I am looking for some explanations for this. I can’t find any on the net. Please help!