The Bad Habits of Ingredient Declaration

These are few ways in which manufacturer can manipulate ingredient declaration. I call them bad habits as its intention is only to benefit their side.

food ingredient listManufacturer have the bad habit of hiding specific ingredient behind their generic names. Using sweetener, emulsifier, thickener, meat  preservative and natural ingredients are common. They are fooling us! There are hundreds of preservatives available out there! How do we know if they are using the safe or not. Perhaps those that are hidden are not.

Too small to read. I am betting most of them are 10 points or way smaller. Reading 12 point font on computer screen and magazine make me feel tired. What more if it is on the oddly shaped food package.

Some ingredients are written in their technical term. Acesulfame k, HCFS-42, HCFS-90, hydrogenated starch hydrosylate and aspartic acid. Who the hell care about those. Anyone need an internet access in hand to understand it well while in grocery. Such trick will consume long hours and deemed not practical. Memorizing every item definition, benefits, functions and side effects is not practical either. I understand this to some extent. They are trying their best to be specific  to a point beyond reach by the masses.

There are too many ingredients. Too many that makes you think it is likely not the way you wanted. Example, mayonnaise basic ingredients are oil and egg. A brand having more than 15 is doubtful to eye of keen buyer.   Ingredient listing is not the thing to blame here though, it is the process which the product passed through.

Ingredients listed on tanzan. A labeling technique employed by bottled softdrinks manufacturer. Series of tiny letters are written on sides of tanzan. Anyone would easily think it is a design instead of ingredient listing. Perhaps many never noticed it. Corrugated tanzan edges make reading more difficult. There are only few crazy persons out there who were as crazy as me reading what were in the list.

Omitting ingredients. Offenders of this did are hard to identify. It maybe easy if you have a sensitive and accurate tongue. Otherwise, it requires a rigorous wet chemistry.