Reusing Peanut Deoxidizer?

I had a serious problem lately. It was not serious to me but it really was for my pet product. My cocoa bean stocks were attacked by molds. It was my fault. I poorly sealed several sacks and left them near the open window. Rain came, humidity increased and the beans absorbed moisture via poorly sealed lid. The negligence resulted to moldy cocoa beans. I am still thankful only the husks are affected and the beans smell well fermented, else, all of them will go to dump site. What a great waste of money!

Deoxidizer to the rescue! All of these were free. It came from vacuum packed peanuts. Not sure if they were still good or not but I used them anyway. I transferred the beans to another not so well sealed container (I never learned my lesson!). Put lots of used deoxydizer on top. Visited it after few weeks and observed no signs of further mold growth. I think they are still packed with deoxidizing power, scavenging surrounding oxygen and preventing mold growth.

deoxydizer cocoa beansIt is not a long term solution so I plan on buying thick and large polypropylene bags and some fresh deoxydizers. Combination of the two will greatly help reduce risk of molds.