Make Dragon Fruit and Peel Enzyme

I encountered the product fruit enzyme during my last work contract. It was a dragon fruit enzyme. It was displayed  near the convention room. Every participants were tasting it. All of them were saying it was good. I was very hesitant to had a taste. My boss said to us earlier that the product was too old. It was there only as display and not for taste test.

According to — enzymes are protein molecules which is responsible for all biological activities in human cells. They are organic catalysts that increase the rate at which foods are broken down and absorbed by the body and help various metabolic functions in the body take place.

There are several ways of making fruit enzyme on the web. However, they all follow the same principle. Let the fruit and sugar ferment for about two to four weeks. Although some procedures stated it can be harvested as short as three days to one week.

I am now making my own fruit enzyme. A dragon fruit enzyme. I am not gonna waste the peels. I will make it a dragon fruit peel enzyme.

I got some red dragon fruit. I removed the peels and set it aside. Chopped the flesh. Got brown sugar, a ratio of 3 parts flesh and 1 part brown sugar. Layered the fruit and sugar simultaneously. Covered not to tight to allow escape of gases.

I did the same for fruit peels.


dragon fruit enzyme after a day

See the results!

Dragon Fruit Encounter


Way back year 2005 when I saw this weird fruit at Cavite State University, the place where I used to work. The Dragon fruit. I never like the look, especially the flesh. My officemate offered one slice but I refused. She said I was good and insisted but refused it again. I was so stubborn . Ha Ha! I never encountered that fruit again because I resigned from from my job.

Year 2009. I met my previous boss at Cavite State University. She offered to work again  as Research Assistant. The salary was good enough so I accepted it. Do you know what is the project ? Its about dragon fruit research and development! Oh my ! Its the fruit I refused to taste four years ago. I have no choice but to embrace this fruit.

Actually this fruits came from cactus. Tastes slightly sweet but tastes blunt most of the time. It also contains the nutrients found in other fruits. Based from my taste preference, I would prefer eating other fruits like mango, guava, apple, pineapple and soursop because they taste better. On the contrary, I love eating dragon fruit. Why? Because my vowel movement feels better everytime I eat this dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit has a lot of fibers which is known to aid in vowel movement. It also absorb excess fat we consume. There is one major drawback. This fruit is very expensive.


Dragon fruit can be processed into juice and wine.

How to Make Dragon Fruit Puree


Base from my experience, dragon fruit can be stored for one month under refrigerated condition . The same can be done for rejects, fruits with cracks and surface spots.  I you want to store them for longer periods, I recommend to process them to wine, juice or anything you want.

Procedures for making Dragon Fruit Juice

1 . Wash dragon fruits in running water to remove all dirts.

2. Remove undesirable parts.

3 Cut in quarters  and peel off the skin. Peeling can be conveniently done by hand like the peel of mango.

4. Blend in waring blender. Adjust sugar content to 15 degree Brix. If refractometer is not available, add sugar until the sweetness is comparable to ripe grapes.

5. Pasteurize at 75 degree C for 15 minutes.

6. Pack immediately in air tight bottle and seal.

Adding preservatives to prolong shelf life can be done but not recommended.