How To Make Sweetened Santol Peels

Its another addition to my peel experiments, the sweetened santol peels.

Let us admit the fact that more than 90 percent part of santol is wasted. Eating is done by breaking the fruit apart. Getting the pulpy seeds, sucking it, spitting and throwing the thick rind. Some curve out the fleshy part of the rind and eat. Others peel the fruit until only the soft rind is left, then eat the soft rind and suck the seeds.  Still, considerable amount of rind is thrown away.

One way to save those peels is by processing it to sweetened santol peels. Unprocessed peels have a sharp sour and slightly astringent taste (mapakla) that last for few seconds. A simple cooking process is a good remedy.

Seeds are extremely bitter. There is nothing I can do with it. Throw it away or grow it.


1) Wash santol fruits and rinse well. Remove the thin outermost rind. Please remember that we need the thick rind. You can also skip removing the outer skin. Please tell me how it taste!

2) Break to halves. Remove the seeds (suck and threw it away). Scrape off the soft part of rind with spoon. Eat it right away or set aside if you want a santol jam – discover it for yourself.

3) Cut the rind to desired sizes. I prefer cubes.

santol peel cubes

4) For every cup of cubes, add 1 1/2 cup water and seven tablespoon sugar.

5) Bring to slow boil for 30 minutes. Prevent drying by adding water occasionally.

6) Remove from fire and transfer to a clean glass container. Cool. Let stand for at least five hours before eating.

sweetened santol peels

The resulting product is a sweet and sour santol peels with slight kick or astringency. Add more sugar for a sweeter product.

Make a dried santol peel candy by drying it under the sun.