Edible Food Packaging! Anyone?

Biodegradable food packaging is great if saving the environment is our concern. Compared to plastic, bottles and tin cans that stay intact on ground for hundred years. Biodegrades looses its identity after being
thrown to garden soil. It may take sometime but it definitely biodegrades.

Wait! If we give the situation a thought. Biodegradable food packaging are invented because we are such undisciplined people. We throw empty packages here and there. Use garbage can without proper segregation practice. If somebody tries to implement, we just ignore it. Adding to insult, I am seeing public garbage collector trucks picking all sort of stuffs, segregated and not into their single truck.

I guess the bio-degradation process is too long that some scientist are developing edible food packaging.

Why you have in mind is right! Don’t waste effort unwrapping candy. Just put it in mouth. Wait a little, packaging melts then what comes next the sweet candy. Cooking noodles? It will be as easy as boiling enough water and dropping in the whole noodle package.

I am directly against the idea! Why?

The package protects food from harmful microorganisms and dangerous chemicals. If it is edible, it should be protected with something inert, like plastic, tin can or bottle. It is dangerous, we never know where it was placed or who hold it before reaching our hands.

If it is edible, then it is likely edible to most pathogenic organisms. Imagine a packaging material having molds!

If it is edible, then it is likely very susceptible to simple chemical reactions. Melting down upon contact with vinegar. Changes color when displayed to sunlight. Absorbing odor of nearby foods and transferring to contents eventually.

We don’t actually need biodegradable and edible packagings. What we need are inert packages that are able to contain and protect our convenience foods. The next is the willingness to recycle it after use.