How to Dye a Salted Egg, Red Grana and Sudan

salted egg halves

By the time of writing this article, I only have 337 posts and my current Google page rank is 1. I typed “salted eggs” on google search engine and there are 312 thousand competing documents. I looked for my post ” How to Make Salted Eggs” and I found it on bottom of the 8th page.

Usually, looking up to three pages is enough and only few person will bother looking further. But still, one of my top keywords is “salted eggs”. Many visitors arrived on my page because they are looking for “How to dye a salted egg”. Or they are looking for a dye suitable for the red salted eggs.

Filipino instinct. It is not a salted egg if its not RED and very few will buy a white salted egg.

salted egg halves

For the benefits of those who are still looking. One of them is the Sudan Red G. A yellowish red lysochrome azo dye. An odorless reddish-orange powder. Soluble in fats and used for coloring of fats, oils, and WAXES, including the waxes used in turpentine-based polishes. It is also used in polystyrene, cellulose, and synthetic LACQUERS.

According to reports, Sudan Red is a cancer inducing substance. Its use was prohibited by most countries.

The second is the Red Grana, also known as Acid Fuchsine. It is a Magenta dye used in coloring textile, in staining bacteria and sometimes a disinfectant. It is a color indicator in some food analysis. No known issue about its safety.

Please drop a comment if you know some food safety issues about Acid Fuchsine!

Another way to color salted egg without the messy dye stuffs is this.

improved salted egg

It is a packaging technology developed by Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Unit I (DA-RFU I), Ilocos Integrated Agricultural Research Center (ILIARC).