Making My Very Own Turmeric Salted Egg

Driven by the curiosity on turmeric salted egg which I saw in WOFEX 2013, I’d gathered these materials to make few for myself.

1) The ordinary table salt, it is a sea salt perhaps.
2) Turmeric, luyang dilaw. It is going to add flavor and color to salted egg. I am expecting to see whether the color is stable or not. The annatto color in water is not stable.
3) White chicken eggs. The normal material should be duck eggs. These alternative should do the trick for now.
4) A two is to one water to salt solution. I think, the turmeric color and flavor travel faster in brine than mud.
5) A small container for storage.
6) A bag of clean water to prevent eggs from floating.


I dissolved one part salt for every two parts lukewarm water in a container. Added the grated turmeric and white chicken eggs. Placed water bag on top to keep the eggs submerged.

It should be ready after 12 days.

white chicken egg luyang dilaw salt and container

preparing brinebrine solution with grated turmericsoaking egg in brine turmeric mixturewater bag to keep eggs submerged======
please see update to this post here!

The Ministop Rice Meal with cooked hams and eggs

I arrived at meeting spot around 11 am. It was one hour late. The call time was 10 am. However the crews were not in the designated location yet. They were doing a quick shoot somewhere.

I felt intimidated going to main building entrance and stay in waiting room. I spent a while in Victoria Station just beside GMA7 building.

I was feeling tired and hungry that I never wanted roaming around the place and look for a place to eat. The nearest and within my eye reach were the hot unlimited lugaw stand in front and the Ministop 24-hour Convenience Store inside.

There were a variety of ready to eat foods but no seat was available. I stared at lugaw stall. If I was going to order lugaw, I would be eating while standing. I never liked the idea at the very moment so I just waited for available seat.

I got one Rice Meal with cooked hams and rolls of fried egg. I ordered orange juice to quench my thirst. The rice meal only cost 35 pesos. I forgot the juice drink cost.

ministop rice mealministop orange juiceThe rice meal concept is similar to 7-eleven’s. Cooked rice together with viand in a carton disposable lunchbox. The products are on refrigerated shelf preventing spoilage. An easy to use microwave oven is provided for dine-in customers.

What were inside? Three reasonable size of cooked hams, triangular shape. It covered almost half of rice. On the other side were three pieces of rolled fried eggs.

cooked ham and egg rollsThe rice was a fried rice. I never read the label carefully. It is true that person’s thinking and reasoning was vague while hungry.

I had no regret cause the fried rice tasted good. It was not too salty and not too oily. The hams and eggs were good tasting too. The whole package satisfied my hunger.

The crew arrived shortly after the meal.

Baking Soda Makes Peeling Boiled Eggs Easier

I went through the trouble of:

1) Boiling three eggs, then opening the first immediately, cooling the second in tap water before opening and letting the third and last to cool naturally before cracking the shell. It is  believed that cooling the egg immediately after boiling prevents the sticking of shell to egg white.

2) Slow cooking of eggs for 30 minutes. The reason might be the same as sticking of fish to frying pan. Fish proteins stick to pan when heated slowly.

Later, I found the fresh egg shells naturally sticks to white part when cooked. Allowing the commodity aged for two to three days loosen the forces between layers.

Then I found a post of Homesteading/Survivalism stating that adding 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to boiling water will make peeling off shells easier.

Time to try.

I bought four eggs. I never had any clue about its freshness. I boiled the first two eggs in 500ml water with one teaspoon baking soda for 15 minutes. Cooled in tap water and did a peeling test.

I boiled the second two eggs using the same parameters but with no addition of baking soda.


In the first batch, boiling water became white as a result of baking soda addition. The cooking vessel sides also became tinted with white.  The eggs appeared cleaner than before. No notable changes observed on second batch except for the long irregular lines of cracks.

boiled eggs with cracked shellsI thought the eggs with cracks were easier to peel. But I had to pry the shell slowly and carefully in order to prevent damaged to egg white surface. Eggs boiled with baking soda had no cracks. I tapped it gently against the wall to start the peeling process. It was significantly easier to peel. The shell appeared to be looser and weaker.

peel egg and shell

Drinking Raw Egg Straight From Shell

Some chickens drink their own egg. Force the fresh egg open with their sharp pointed beak and sip all its contents. I am an agriculturist-food technologist but I never know the real reason behind the did. Elders said it’s because it got very hungry but never want to get out of nest. Chickens doing such are candidate for culling.

We never usually take fresh uncooked eggs. We boil it, from soft boiled egg, malasado, to hard boiled egg. Fry, sunny side up, beaten, torta and omelet. The only nearest to raw eggs is the malasado.

Note: fresh eggs is mixed with drinks such as eggnog and coconut eggnog variation or coquito.

On the other hand, some do take fresh eggs. Fresh eggs straight from the egg shells. Pricking the egg shell with a sharp object instead of beak. Then drinking it like an ordinary drinking water. Sometimes mixing a little salt to counter the disagreeable taste, malansa.

I think, fresh egg is drank as tonic. Taken by alcohol intoxicated person and or exhausted person a day after.

If the egg is a Salmonella carrier, the drinker might suffer then.

fresh luminous eggsupdate as of June 30, 2012. Drink by pregnant just before delivery. A belief that it will hasten  baby delivery.

Egg Shells in Coke and in Vinegar

A viral video is spreading on YouTube. The video is entitled, “Still drinking coca cola watch this! It has over 10 million views and counting. Other remixes and contrary versions are also existing.  The video has earned over 12 thousand likes and almost equal number of dislikes. It got my attention through Facebook shares.

The video goes like this: A boiled egg with intact shell was placed in a toddler training cup, filled with Coke and let stand for 365 days. The egg was still sound after a year, with slight discoloration and no shell. The shell was pulverized by liquid Coke.

The author emphasized, Coke contains caffeine citrate, citric acid and phosphoric acid. The egg shell is made of calcium, phosphorus and sodium which can be dissolved by Coca Cola ingredients. Drinking the beverage always might seriously damage teeth and cause osteoporosis.

Most comments are negative statements. Some agree while other are just trolling. Here are some of them.

1) There is no way someone gonna let the coke stay in mouth for a very long 365 days…

2) …And coke does not stay in stomach that long either.

3) Water intoxication probably kills, not the coke itself.

4) Soda also leaves a liver scar that may lead to hepatitis B.

5) Thanks to coke, the boiled egg has been preserved for a year.

6) Fresh squeezed lemon juice will do the same in just two to three days. Vinegar would do the same. Coke is much safer.

I setup my own experiment. I got broken egg shells. I never used the gelatinized egg cause only the shell was my concern. Coke only affected the shell as shown on video. I divided the broken shells to two. I soaked the first in Coke and soaked the second in vinegar.

egg shells in vinegarThe egg shells soaked in vinegar showed signs of reaction immediately. Numerous bubbles were appearing and rushing to surface. Bubble production made the egg shell floating.

egg shells in coca colaThe immediate and heavy bubble formation was due to releasing CO2. I waited one hour and inspected it again. Less bubbles were appearing and the shell remained submerged in liquid. A relatively slower reaction as compared to other.

egg shells in liquid after an hourThe coke color was already pale after one day. It contradicted the video in which the beverage color did not change a bit.

to be continued…


After 15 days. The egg shells in vinegar turned to small pieces. Bubbling stops and no color change was observed on vinegar. The eggs shells in coke softened and broken to smaller pieces but not as small as in vinegar. The shell color turned dirty brown. The coke itself had a very pale color.

vinegar coke egg shell

Cooking Eggs Under The Sun


Location: Indang – about 15 minutes away from Tagaytay. Weather condition: hot, partly cloudy sky, mild wind blows, very cloudy in late afternoon.

I thought it would not be as hot as yesterday but I still tried this little crazy experiment, cooking egg under the sun. It was not an original idea. My better half told me about it – a blogger was featured on tv, cooking egg under the heat of sun.

The egg gonna cook in three ways, 1) the direct transfer of heat from sun’s ray to broken egg, 2) transfer of heat from sun’s rays to metal cup then to egg, and 3) transfer of heat from sun’s ray to galvanize iron roof to metal cup and to egg.

margarine egg metal cup

I got a metal cup. Applied a thin margarine coating for easy removal of cooked egg. Crack an egg open and placed it in cup. I refrained from using refrigerated egg. Cold egg surely takes longer to cook. Placed the cup on roof and waited.

egg in metal cup on roof

I placed the metal cup on roof around 11:22 am. I ate lunch. Took a nap. Read some articles. The sky was partially cloudy and giving an intermittent shade. The mild blowing wind was giving a slight cooling effect. The sky got very cloudy at around 2:30 pm. I thought rain gonna fall so I took the egg and stored it in refrigerator.

I failed. This was the result I got after waiting. A liquid egg with a slight superficial coagulation.  The weather was not hot enough but I was still thankful cause I only took bath twice. I took bath yesterday thrice.

egg after placing under heat of sun


The next day, I placed the same egg under the sun. Time started, 10:30 am and ended 3:00 pm. The sky was partially cloudy but not as cloudy as yesterday. Wind bows was less frequent. The rain poured and I had no choice but to stop.  The superficial coagulation got bigger but not good enough as cooked.  The volume became lesser due to evaporation.

egg after placing under sun day two

I was still thankful for not being able to cook egg under the mere heat of sun. Than means the weather condition in our place is still colder than others.