Rockstar Guava Punched Energy Drink

Rockstar Punched, tropical guava energy drink. Party like a rockstar.

rockstar guava punched

Rockstar Guava Punched is a mix of amazing tasting tropical guava flavors packed with a potent herbal blend. Rockstar is specially formulated to provide an invigorating energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles – from athletes to rock stars. Enjoy this fully refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage super chilled. Party like a rockstar.

Comes in 250 ml sleek and tall aluminum can, 5 cm diameter and 13 cm tall. With an easy open lid. Wash thoroughly before opening to prevent any dirt from coming in to liquid or entering the mouth.

The taste is too sweet, just like any other energy drinks. The taste and sensation from lips down the stomach was comparable to Cobra and Sting.

It’s flavor is tropical guava but I could not sensed a kick of guava flavor. It was a coincidence that I have just eaten several guavas before opening the can. Maybe it was not appropriate comparing an artificial against real fruit.

rockstar guava punched energy drink

A violet colored can. A color similar to ube halaya. It was also a coincidence that I ate ube halaya just before. I am thinking what was their reason for choosing this color. Guavas are dark to light green with dirty white or pink inner. I have never seen or heard about violet colored guava.

Violet color, has wavelength of 400 nanometer at the end of visible light spectrum. Shorter wavelength has greater energy thus violet has the most energy among the visible spectrum. Maybe that’s the reason.

According to, violet is the color of creativity, intuition, spirituality and self-awareness. Maybe…

Red and blue are often associated with energy drink. Red for its active nature and blue for relaxing effect.

Liquid composition: Carbonated water, natural and artificial flavors, natural tropical guava flavor, sucrose, gum arabic, ester gum, eu energy blend, citric acid, taurine, glucoronolactone, sodium citrate, caffeine, sodium chloride, red #40, guarana seed extract, inositol, panax ginseng (root extract), Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Yellow#6 and Vitamin B12.

The term “eu energy blend and glucoronolactone” was new to me. Going to dig deeper about it.

Nutrients it contains are reflection of above mentioned ingredients.

Caution: This product contains caffeine. Excessive intake of caffeine may cause sleeplessness, palpitations and other similar side effects. This product is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

The Sting Malunggay

The Sting Energy Drink got the service of Pambansang Kamao and Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Manny is now endorsing their newly released product, the Sting Malunggay.

sting malunggay

Before the product release. Most energy drink buyers were carrying the rival, Cobra Energy Drink. It has better flavor, according to them. After the product release. Most energy drink buyers are now drinking the new Sting Malunggay. The combination of international boxing icon and the healthy malunggay has a great impact on sales. Note: My observation does not represent the whole Philippine market.

Both Manny and malunggay induce the placebo effect. Anyone feel more healthy and strong by believing on power punch of Manny and healthy benefits of green leaves. I can haul more rice because I am taking the favorite drink of boxing champion. Malunggay is healthy indeed.

Contains malunggay extract. Extract from 25 malunggay leaves. Never sure how they define leaf.  The amount was too little if they are pertaining to every single round leaflets. Appropriate and perhaps very healthy if they are referring to a whole tripinnate leaf – a  single large petiole with all petiolules and leaflets intact. Drinking this 240ml energy drink is like taking 25 malunggay trippinate leaves.

a malunggay tripinnate leaf

The 25 leaves might be referring to 25 leaflets singles. There was no noticeable difference in aroma, color and taste as compared to yellow colored Sting.  The product is still too sweet and smells too sweet. The color appears darker due to a dark colored label.

It should not confused any pregnant and lactating women. The presence of malunggay is not a reason to take it. It is still a caffeinated drink which might affect you and baby’s health.

A Life Without Sofdrinks and Energy Drinks

My toe is still in pain but not as painful as week ago. I am now walking fast and enduring the very slight pain.

Perhaps I have a gouty arthritis. The symptoms are quite similar. It already happened several times. It always strike on my left big toe. A sudden onset – I usually woke up with the feeling of intense pain and can barely walk. It happened after drinking softdinks and energy drinks  on a daily basis and eating pork meat often.

Do drinking sofdrinks causes gouty arthritis? Yes it does. The beverage usually have fructose, the only sugar known to raise level of uric acid. It was proven by series of studies in America and Canada, the habit of drinking softdrinks increase  occurrence of gout in men. It also includes other beverages with fructose.

Why do I still drink those?

I am a very sleepy guy. I go to bed late at night, about 11 to 12 midnight but wake up 7 to 8 in the morning. The seven to nine hours sleep should be enough  but still need to sleep  3 to 4 hours at day time. I had a hard time attending my classes during elementary to college levels. I usually fell asleep in class  and had a nap every break.  When I was still employed, I usually hide somewhere to take a nap. softdrink can top

Taking a sleep very often should not be my habit. So much time is wasted. Drinking softdinks and energy drinks became my option to stay awake. I was drinking  a softdrink and an energy drink everyday. I know that too much of it is not good for the health so I reduced my intake to once daily – softdrink only or energy drink only.

I totally stopped intake when I felt a toe pain for several days. I also stopped eating pork meat and drinking coffee and other artificial beverages. The pain gone away eventually.

I guessed my discipline was not enough. I started drinking softdrinks and energy drinks again. I am really more productive when having one. I can write three 300 words article straight, produce tabliya chocolates, do some researches, take care of our toddler and still have time for computer games.

Now I need to refrain from drinking artificial beverages forever. Being a sleepy guy is better than having a painful toe.

Nestle Milo with Protomalt and Actigen-E, Nutrition

Let us read the Nestle Milo Label. Milo contains Actigen-E and Protomalt to help energize body and mind.

Good to Know
Milo contains the malt extract PROTOMALT®. It is a mixture of different type of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients that the body needs.

MILO® also contains ACTIGEN-E®. A combination of B vitamins and micronutrients — a good source of niacin, iron and calcium with enriched level of Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B5 and B8, Magnesium and Vitamin C — to help optimize the release of energy from protein, carbohydrates and fat in your food.

PROTOMALT  and ACTIGEN-E  are propriety of Nestle. Halal Certified tonic/energy drink.

Nutrition Facts:

milo nestle

Ingredient List:
Milo is made up of extract of malted barley, milk solids (may contain skimmed milk, whey, milk powder), sugars cocoa, vegetable oils (containing one or more of the following: palm oil, palm olein, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, soya oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oi), buffer salts, Actigen-E vitamins( Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B8,Vitamin B2) iron pyrophosphate, vanillin, creamer and madotextrin.

Cobra Energy Drink Ingredients and Nutritional Contents


Every time I drink Cobra, I feel the same effect as Sting Energy Drink! But the first is sweeter in term of taste.

Don’t drink too much of it. This warning is written on bottle, “Warning: Excessive intake of caffeine may cause sleeplessness palpitations and similar side effects.”


Cobra Energy Drink has the following nutritive value:
-calories 195
-Total Fat 39
-sodium 49 mg
-total carbohydrates
-sugar 39g
-protein 3g
-Vitamin B1 1.35mg
-Vitamin B6 1.35mg
-niacinamide 0.7 mg
-vitamin B12
-taurine 105mg
-inositol 16mg

What I hate about softdrinks manufacturers is they way they imprint the ingredient list. It is always written on crown. Would you mind reading the crown below? You need a good magnifying glass to read it. Or better buy a more expensive canned version just to know its ingredients.

cobra energy drink crown

Most common soft drinks ingredients are listed here.

update: April 24, 2011

The manufacturer released the Cobra Green, the Citrus Blast. Ripe citrus color is orange. I wonder why they picked green. Does it make sense?

The tastes is a tongue biting sweet citrus. Though the only flavors I found related are nature identical flavors and citric acid. No natural citrus flavor. Auntie reported, most fanatic prefer this green version.

I spent time reading small written ingredients on corrugated part of crown. Here they are:

Carbonated water
Citric Acid
Nature Identical Flavors
Sodium Citrate
Sodium Benzoate
Ginseng powder
Niacinamide, Vitamin B3
Thiamine HCl, Vitamin B1
Pyridoxine HCl, Vitamin B6
Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B12
Blue Color – Blue color in a green beverage?

cobra green citrus energy drink