The Last Few Things I did Before My Cough Was Finally Cured

I read that cough usually last for one to three weeks. It is often self terminating and never need any medication. Proliferating medicines are just hoaxes and taking advantage of the common disease.

Know what? My persistent hard coughing lasted for two months, and another productive coughing of one month. I still experiencing rare coughing as of date.

I consulted a doctor after two weeks and no chronic symptoms found. I constantly monitored my saliva – it was perfectly normal. There was no abnormality in my mouth when I look at the mirror. Maybe it was an acute bronchitis, but my x-ray result was essentially normal.

Maybe I am allergic to peanuts. I was experiencing hard coughing whenever I eat even minute amounts. Or maybe, peanut is a real cough worsener. I also avoided eating crabs and shrimps. A friend of mine told me that two food items can worsen cough. Eating powdery foods such as pulvoron, chips, biscuits and crackers also worsen my coughing.

The last things I did.

1) Back to my regular diet. Taking sweets and salty foods occasionally. Avoiding those rendered no effect in curing cough.

2) Frequent water intake in small amounts. It wash away phlegm and prevent dry and itchy throat.

3) Occasionally chewing fresh ginger. It remove throat itchiness and help me get a good night sleep. Note: sucking ginger for prolonged period is not recommended. It causes internal mouth inflammation.

4) Ascorbic acid 500 mg. It was doctor’s recommended treatment. I has been taking Vitamin C supplement in the morning and before going to bed.

5) Enervon. I thought Vitamin C was not enough. I bought Enervon and took it once a day. This multivitamins and ascorbic acid are taken to boost body immune system.