Breaking the Giant and Unknown Tomato

Two days after this giant and unknown tomato was handed to me. Over 50 percent skin has became orange. The green color has became so light that it is barely perceptible. It is still firm to touch.

ripening giant tomatoFive days after this giant and unknown tomato variety was handed to me. The color is now more of red orange with light yellow color patches. It is still firm to touch but not as firm as before. I think it is the right time to break it open and serve it as food for mankind.

red orange yellow giant tomatoThe seeds are not as many as I thought. It has a relatively thick rind that encapsulates the seed and small amount of juice. The rind extends inwards  and which resemble a tree like branches.

slices of unkown giant tomatoAnd for the final touch, my wife used it to make enseladang manga at kamatis instead of the regular market bought tomatoes. Yes! its taste is less prominent but the lack of flavor is being compensated by other ingredients.

enseladang manga with tomato giant