The Abandoned Fermented Wines

What is on the other side of the black curtain? I am guessing you already knew the answer, the article title has already told you. Plus there is a picture suggestive of what it is below.

black curtains  made of trash bags

The curtain is actually a group of large black trash bags attached together using masking tape. Behind it is a large shelf with lots of 5-gallon capacity water container. Each container contains fermented wines from three years ago. They are abandoned wine. No one dared continuing the process after the project funding got terminated. A sad story.

Are the wines still good? I do not know yet. Maybe throwing them away is the best option.

abandoned fermented wines

How to Make Burong Manga (Fermented Green Mango)

Our mango processing technologies are filing up. This is another great addition.

List of Mango Processing Technologies
1. Mango Wine
2. Dried Mango
3. Mango Juice
4. Mango Nectar
5. Mango Bar
6.Yellow Mango Sauce
7. How to Make Pastillas, Puree, Chutney and Mango Halves in Syrup

6 pcs green mangoes
1/2 c coarse salt
2 c water

1. Wash mangoes in running water.
2. Peel and cut mangoes into halves. Slice cheeks uniformly.
3. Arrange slices in a preserving jar.
4. Boil salt and water solution for five minutes. Cool.
5. Pour salt solution on mango.
6.Cover loosely and allow to ferment for two to three days.
7. Tighten cover and store in refrigerator.

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Salt concentration can be measured using salometer. Adjustment can be computed using Pearson’s square formula.