How to Buy a Good Quality Big Fish

Having trouble buying a good quality fish? The following fish freshness criteria will help you identify good quality fish. This commodity spoils rapidly. Sharpen your senses to avoid ones.

Number “3” is best while number “0” is worst.

Visual Evaluation

3. Bright, iridescent pigmentation, no discoloration.Aqueous, transparent, mucus.
2. Pigmentation bright but not lustrous. Slightly cloudy mucus
1. Pigmentation in the process of becoming discoloured and dull. Milky mucus.
0. Dull pigmentation. Opaque mucus

3. Convex (bulging). Transparent cornea. Black, bright pupil.
2. Convex and slightly sunken. Slightly opalescent cornea. Black, dull pupil.
1. Flat. Opalescent cornea. Opaque pupil.
0. Concave in the centre. Milky cornea. Grey pupil.

3. Bright colour. No mucus.
2. Less coloured. Slight traces of clear mucus.
1. Becoming discoloured. Opaque mucus.
0. Yellowish. Milky mucus.

Flesh (cut from abdomen)
3. Bluish, translucent, smooth, shining. No change in original colour.
2. Velvety, waxy, dull. Colour slightly changed.
1. Slightly opaque.
0. Opaque

Colour (along vertebral column)
3. Uncoloured.
2. Slightly pink
1. Pink
0. Red

3. Kidneys and residues of other organs should be bright red, as should the blood inside the aorta.
2. Kidneys and residues of other organs should be dull red; blood becoming discoloured.
1. Kidneys and residues of other organs and blood should be pale red.
0. Kidneys and residues of other organs and should be brownish in colour.