Flat Cacao Beans As Salad Ingredient

This is another unusual use of cacao beans.

While reading random post at Facebook Group “Well Tempered”, I stumbled upon an interesting comment. There are people who are taking the job of manually sorting cocoa bean in exchange for every flat beans they may find.

The commenter never mentioned where it is and who they are. I guess it was already too late to ask. It has gotten to deep down the thread and the Facebook search function is bad. Added to trouble is my laziness.

Flat beans are rejects. It has very little nib inside. If thrown inside the roasting drum, the expected yield is very close to zero. You are not suppose to use a burnt nib.

The story is different if the roast batch composed of all flats. However, the expected yield is less than 50% of course. Who would do this ridiculous thing anyway?

Flats are almost devoid of value but seems very valuable based on their actions. Almost, because it can still be use as fertilizer.

It was briefly mentioned. It is use as salad ingredient. It must be a delicious and popular dish.

These are some flat that I sorted out myself.

four flat cacao beans

Manual shell removal is hard already. Flat bean structure makes it twice as though. I hope they are not including the shells to salad. The taste is bland to a bit awful.

After manually shelling

I ate all the four flats and all tasted good. Maybe they are flavorful in general. Just maybe.

The coffee peaberry suddenly popped in! Coffee berries which usually contain two seeds sometimes develops only one. That is peaberry.

Some growers and coffee makers are taking extra effort sorting them out. Roast, pack and sold separately at much higher price. Not higher the coffee alamid though.

They briefly explained, the nutrients meant for two seeds goes into one, resulting to superior bean.

This could be the case for flat beans. However, peaberry are plumbed, while the other is flat. An obvious sign of nutrient deficiency. In human terms, unusually thin people are deprived of food while fatty are overfed.

I think I need more readings on this! If you have any ideas, please share.