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Philippine Standard Specifications for Shortenings

Shortening other than butter or lard shall be the plastic food prepared from fats, oils or a combination of fats and oils and may be processed by hydrogenation. 1. Shortening may contain the following preservatives: ascorbyl palmitate, citric, tartaric or ascorbic acid, lecithin and vegetable oils containing tocopherols – sufficient for purpose. butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) […]

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Philippine Standard Specifications for Vinegar

This is the standard specifications for vinegar. The regulation was published by Department of Health under ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 134 s. 1970 with the subject “Regulation Prescribing the Standard of Identity and Quality of Vinegar” 1. Identity a) Vinegar is the liquid produced by alcoholic and/or acetous fermentations of one or more of the following: […]

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