Cat, electronic rat repellant or trap?

Pest especially rat has always been a problem. They are running around the house, day and night. Stealing food and what more. They are damaging the place where they nest. Chewing clothes, books and other things they can bite. 

What is the most effective way to eliminate those pesky rats?

I’m sure nothing beats the cats. The two are natural enemies. The rats in our house all disappeared the moment I brought home a kitten.

However as it grows. It hunts not only rats but also food on table. I often felt angry everytime our food was stolen. I always forgot that he was the one doing the rat hunt for me.

When our last cat died. I decided not to have cat again.

Then. Few weeks after, I began seeing rats. I’m going to eat back my words soon, I think!

I tried setting traps. It worked few times and the rest of them are just passing by as if nothing was there. They are really clever than me, but not smarter than cats. 

I thought of getting an ultrasonic pest repellant. An electronic device claimed to produce sound waves unpleasant to pest ears.

Buying the product itself and testing it first hand is the strongest proof I can hold. On the contrary, I want to know what other people think about it. 

Voila! There were claims that it was effective. Mostly found in online store reviews.  Hmm. Something is fishy about those!

There were also lots of bad comments. Saying they were not effective and just waste of money.  

Others proved its efficacy for limited time period. Why limited? The pest that were previously scared usually develops resistance. Later on, they may hear it as music to their ears. It is just like a trap that works now and not later. 

Has anyone of you tried it? Please let me know your opinion!

Food Product on Consignment…

Someone asked me regarding product consignment. There were times that client consignee were returning the product in a very bad condition. Package dusty all over and somewhat crumpled. It was heartbreaking to see that the product you work so hard for suffered the dilemma. The worst thing, the returned was for replacement not for payment. Lost already while it tolled minimal cost on the other party.

I breaks my heart too, seeing my hard produced product got returned. I cannot do anything about it but accept and replace. Whenever the product goes, manufacturer responsibility never ceases. It is especially true for consignment products. It is always in your inventory until sold. Whenever it goes bad in hand of distributor and retailers, all will be returned and replacement is a must.

What must be done?

You have to assess various conditions which it passes and make the primary and secondary packaging able to protect the contents. For example, if it is light sensitive, then, packaging material should be opaque. If fragile, package should be rigid and has some sort of mechanism to absorb shock. If the consignee happens to be so careless, then, drop him off the sewer and find another client. He should take some responsibility too.

Prepare product specifics such as handling and storage instructions. However, it will still won’t work if mishandled by a newbie merchandiser

A contract stating damaged goods due to consignee negligence will be paid. Sounds good but I have never heard of this thing in practice.

Visiting The Food and Drink Asia 2013

This was Food and Drink Asia 2013. I had a complimentary ticket courtesy of Philippine Food Service Equipment and Supplies Corporation. It was thanks to them, my entrance was free.

food and drink asia entranceOh! There were entrance restrictions. I never see these often. Age 14 and below were not allowed to enter. Persons in shorts, sandos and sandals were not allowed too. However, I saw few who were beating the dress code. There were two minors staying in the lobby while their mom was inside. I couldn’t help wonder why minors were restricted.

The issued pass is also valid until next week event, The Asian Food Expo 2013. I am saving it in case I have enough time to visit World Trade Center again.

The sad part was, the event management was not giving out certificate of appearance. It is a necessity for government employees visiting the event. The customer service representative was unfriendly and seemed to know a little about her work. Making her sign our own certificate of appearance form took us a while.

The entrance should be entrance only but few were exiting via entrance. It was understandable, those rule breakers were part of event management.

It was a side by side event. Food and Drink Exhibition and Food Franchising. At first, it seemed only one booth was geared toward franchising. I rest and roamed around several times and noticed there were quite a number.

What I saw?
– meat products
– coffee and products
– drinks
– ice cream
– siopao, siomai and related
– a lot of free food samples.

Almost every booth were offering a small piece of their products. Buying lunch was not necessary. There were few restaurant booths in case freebies were not enough.

cooking miguelito's mini pancakeI usually not into listening seminars or watching contest. However, this time, because we were waiting for someone, I had ample time to spare and partly watch the 4th Philippine Mixology Cup Ultimate Flair Challenge. It was a bar tending contest. From my own point of view, it was a show of bottle and glass throwing and flipping skills with the less focus on drink’s taste.  I never finished the show.

ultimate flair challengeI would like to say thanks to Agrinurture Inc. who gave me free awesome coffee. It made my day complete. Also thanks to Department of Agriculture for allowing us to rest in their conference room type booth.

tully's brewed coffee

Malunggay Products

The following are products made of malunggay leaves.

1) Malunggay breads are popular nowadays. I have been hearing comments, it gets tough easily. Hope the feedback is not true this sweet sorghum pandesal with malunggay.

sweet sorghum malunggay with pandesal

2) Malunggay Shing-a-ling. I have been looking how to make a regular shing-a-ling. I hope you can teach me how.

healthyricH malunggay shing-a-ling

3) Malunggay Vegetarian Noodles.

malunggay vegetarian noodles

4) Malunggay veggie cookies.

malunggay veggie cookies

5) Malunggay polvoron. A nicely package polvoron.

malunggay powder and polvoron

malunggay polvoron

6) Moringa leaf powder. A ready to used product  for myriad of applications.

moringa leaf powder

100 pesos moringa leaf powder

7) Malunggay teas.

malunggay health teas

8) Malunggay veggie kropek.

malunggay veggie kropek

9)  Malungay capsules, together with other herbal supplements.

maluggay capsules

10) Malunggay concoction concentrate.

malunggay etc concentrate

11)  Healthy veggie siomai with malunggay.

malunggay veggie siomai

12)  Malunggay tea vinegar. It was the product I never expected.

malunggay tea vinegar

13) Milk? It is an indirect product, produce by goat after feeding on malunggay leaves.

malunggay for dairy goat

The 26th BAR Anniversary, Technology Forum and Product Exhibition

The full title was “9th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition, 26th BAR Anniversary.” Held August 8-11, 2013, SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2. I visited the first day.

Entrance was free. I just filled up my name on registration form and entered without hassle. The guard on duty didn’t bother checking my bag. They were not verifying whether the entering visitor was already registered or not and they don’t had a mean.

It was a group of three events, the 26th Anniversary of Bureau of Agricultural Research, products exhibition and forum. As usual, I only had enough time to see product exhibition and was not able to attend any forum a.k.a seminar.

2th bar exhibit center piece

Right after the entrance was a very nice center display. It was like a mini garden filled with plants, harvests and value-added products. An ideal place where all man’s need exist. It is what I wanted for my dream farm.

Next was a wide stage for conducting forums and seminars. As I mentioned, I had no time listening to any. I only had a glimpse of a short video about a scientific study result.

Around were participating exhibitors:

1) Rice agencies, World Rice, PhilRice
2) BFAR RFUs, Bureau and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
3) DA RFU, Regional Field Units
4) Stage Colleges and Universities
5) The NCRDEC, National Coffee Research and Development Center, of Cavite State University.
6) Few Businesses
7) Other agencies and entities not mentioned.

2th bar anniversary products

The prominent products:

1) Adlai and products
2) Local fruit wines: guyabano, bignay, mango, arius and sampalok
3) Different rice varieties, including the rare black rice
4) Different soya varieties
5) Fish and fish products such as tuyo, daing and tinapa
6) High value fruits such as rambutan, durian, pineapple, suha, banana and avocado
7) Homemade bread and biscuits
8) Handicrafts
9) Organic fertilizers and pesticides
10) Homemade noodles
11) Seaweeds and products
12) Native black pigs
13) Sea cucumber and products
14) Vegetables and products

There were few food free tests that were not enough to fill my tummy. I guessed the food stalls on the left side were meant for hungry visitors like me. It was good but not good enough since most exhibitor goers were looking for free foodies.

I saw a lot of new things which will be posted next.

Free foodies are listed here.

Visiting The World Food Exhibition 2013

I visited WOFEX 2013 yesterday. Here is the list of what I saw.

– Fully automated packaging lines
– Semi automatic packaging machines
– Heavy duty bakery equipment
– Vegetable peelers and slicers
– Grated coconut press
– Printing companies, labels
– Food packaging: paper cups, reusable canisters
– Inline package printers, for products codes, batch numbers and expiry dates
– Different type of grinders
– Kitchen on the Go, a kart kitchen for on the road food business
– Variety of digital weighing scales and load cells.
– Bakery ingredients
– Meat products and meat ingredients.
– Meat slices, blenders and …
– Junk foods
– Vitamin supplements
– Zagu like business package – from all needed ingredients and equipment.
– Cotton candy maker
– Different types of food cold storage, refrigerators, freezers, blast freezers and open type chillers.
– Petron gasul
– Stoves, heavy duty gas stove and induction type.
– Wine, spirits and herbal alcoholic drinks.
– Korean mushrooms, several species.
– Coffee equipment from Probat, roaster, coffee brewer and espresso machines.
– Native style chocolate, like the one we are making.
– Souvenirs from PEP merchandising. T-shirt, polo shirt, lanyard, pins, hat, magazines and mugs.
– Coffee bending machine. The one which give instant coffee after inserting a five peso coin.
– Carageenan with sample applications, the Mr. Gulaman, ice cream and unknown sausage.
– Stackable crates, for foods and dishes
– Red and yello bell peppers
– Siopao, siomai, fish balls, squid balls and kikiams
– Hopia
– Noodles
– Food display cabinets
– Food seminars. I never attended any. I had limited time.

There are lots of free taste. About 70% of exhibitors were offering a small piece of there product. There were more than enough to fill my tummy. Eating an actual lunch was not needed.

I collected brochures and calling cards. I will try to sort and publish them after few days. They might be useful to people hunting for specific products and equipment.

WOFEX 2013 was held in two venues, July 31 to August 3, 2013. WOFEX Trade was in World Trade Center while the WOFEX Marketplace was in SMX Convention Center. More consumer goods were available in Marketplace while more industrial products were in Trade.

WOFEX marketplace entrance

The registration was 150 pesos, unless a sponsored ticket is in hand. It was good for the entire event duration, fro two venues, provided the name tag is intact. There were free rides from World Center to SMX and vice versa for visitors convenience.

Other useful observations and images will be shown on next posts.