Malunggay Products

The following are products made of malunggay leaves.

1) Malunggay breads are popular nowadays. I have been hearing comments, it gets tough easily. Hope the feedback is not true this sweet sorghum pandesal with malunggay.

sweet sorghum malunggay with pandesal

2) Malunggay Shing-a-ling. I have been looking how to make a regular shing-a-ling. I hope you can teach me how.

healthyricH malunggay shing-a-ling

3) Malunggay Vegetarian Noodles.

malunggay vegetarian noodles

4) Malunggay veggie cookies.

malunggay veggie cookies

5) Malunggay polvoron. A nicely package polvoron.

malunggay powder and polvoron

malunggay polvoron

6) Moringa leaf powder. A ready to used product  for myriad of applications.

moringa leaf powder

100 pesos moringa leaf powder

7) Malunggay teas.

malunggay health teas

8) Malunggay veggie kropek.

malunggay veggie kropek

9)  Malungay capsules, together with other herbal supplements.

maluggay capsules

10) Malunggay concoction concentrate.

malunggay etc concentrate

11)  Healthy veggie siomai with malunggay.

malunggay veggie siomai

12)  Malunggay tea vinegar. It was the product I never expected.

malunggay tea vinegar

13) Milk? It is an indirect product, produce by goat after feeding on malunggay leaves.

malunggay for dairy goat

Healthy Eating with Structured Foods

What if half the amount of your regular diet is enough to make you feel full? Two cups of rice before, down to only one cup. Two donut breads before, and now you are satisfied with only one.

What I am saying can be realized with discipline. Know the amount of food that is enough for your needs and follow it accordingly. Replace half or your regular meal with vegetables and fruits. There are also methods like, drink a diet tea and eat all you want and the expensive surgical operation that reduces stomach volume.

What if half the amount of food can satisfy you without the hard to implement discipline, without diet chemical, without the replacement technique and without the expensive surgical operation. A food can be restructured to give more satiety. Thus a restructured food can make you feel fuller faster than original version.

However, I never know yet how the restructuring technique work.  It might be a patent pending discovery.

A result of study published at suggest that a wide range of foodstuffs can be restructured in  such a way that an early formation of viscous sediments of the energy rich-part is promoted, initial stomach emptying is slowed down , satiation is enhanced and food intake can be better controlled.

 If a food in the stomach separates into an energy-poor upper layer and a viscous energy-dense sediment, the energy-dense part is delivered to the small intestine first, keeping the energy-poor liquid layer stacked on top. The volume of the stomach then stays larger for a longer time while at the same time the small intestine signals an influx of high-energy food. In a publication in Food Hydrocolloids, NIZO scientist George van Aken anticipated that this situation, which resembles the situation of the stomach being filled homogeneously with a large volume of energy-dense food, would stimulate satiation.


Stealth Mode, Food Manufacturers Won't Reveal This To You!

Food manufacturers may practice one or more of the following in stealth mode.

1) Replacement of ingredients with non-noticeable alternatives. Using carabeef instead of beef for making corned beef is easy without the customer noticing. In fact, I never knew this technique until a person from a meat factory told me personally. Another example, the lack of pineapple in fruit mix can be masked by increasing the quantity of other fruits.

2) Decrease package contents slowly and gradually. This was what the cacao dealer suggested when we complained about the non-stop price increase. Gradually trim down the chocolate tablet size so we could still have income without increasing the retail price.  Customers will notice it in due time but will never brought them in state of shock.

I have been observing many companies playing with this trick for  a long time. Hotdogs are getting thinner and shorter. Chips and crackers in the same size packaging are getting fewer and lighter. Softdrinks head spaces are getting more spacier until such time that they switched to smaller bottles.

3) Adding fake.. or simply call it adulteration. Adding chicory to coffee,  mixing melamine to powdered milk, or the totally fake egg. Some are perfectly safe while some bring dangers to life.

4) Method replacement. Ever heard of same two products produced via two entirely different method? That is soy sauce. It can be manufactured via natural fermentation and acid hydrolysis. The latter having lower cost and preferred my makers. Do you love cheese? Read the label carefully. The cheaper brand you might be getting is a substitute cheese or an imitation cheese. The two cheese alternatives have the same flavor as cheese but offers less nutritive value.

Accidentally Biting My Inner Cheek

The teeth are meant for cutting foods to smaller pieces. So it can be digested easier by stomach, small intestines and large intestines. It can also serve some extra purpose like opening a pack of potato chips, removing bottle crown and holding a smoke belching cigarette.

Teeth have wider range of use for other animals. It extend to gathering and hauling items, playing and fighting with others.

My teeth is serving another purpose. That is to wound my very own flesh. I wonder how it is happening. I often have internal mouth wound. It is not cause by infection but by accidental biting. While eating, a sudden cracking sound and intense pain surprise me. That is the accidental biting of inner cheek and or inner lips.


– Obviously, this will never happen while the upper and lower jaws are in still position. It is ridiculously impossible.

– While talking. The upper and lower jaws are in motion. But it never happened to me while…. Talking non-stop causes mouth dryness but not wound injury.

– Talking while eating. Don’t talk while your mouth is full. Swallow all the food first before doing so. I belong to countless violators. Talking while chewing food simultaneously. The results. Occasional coughing due to food particles entering the lungs and accidental biting of inner cheeks and lips.

Now, there are two reasons not to talk while mouth is full.

The Fake Goods Characteristics

1) The same batch or serial numbers. Often found on fake currency. I have never encountered it yet on food items and other consumer goods. To save on cost, the manufacturer may have printed the same serial number on every label. Two products bought at the same time that have the same batch number is normal, doubtful if acquired at different time frame. This fault is rather hard to detect.

2) Unbelievably low pricing. Price drop for apparels, toys and gadgets is normal. A very steep cost at product launch, then 50% off after few months. Such is not applicable to food items. When sardines are for sale, 30 to 50% off. Have a doubt, it’s a fake or expired already.

Exception: Due to market competition, hamburgers and siopao are often sold buy-one, take-one.

3) Low quality packaging. Due to budget constraint, fake food producers often resort to cheaper packaging and print services resulting to inferior overall look. Examine the label carefully!

4) Drastic change in flavor and performance. Sometimes, the counterfeit is almost identical to original but have totally different contents. The next soy sauce buy might not be salty, the juice is not sweet, flour never forms a dough and yeast cannot rise bread.

If a fake food product is encountered, save it and file a complaint in nearest Department of Trade and Industry, DTI, office. More often than not, fake goods are hazardous to human health.

Where to Get Food Technologies?


1) From very own experimentation and experience. Fire up the brain and conduct unlimited trials – try and try until succeeded . Many popular inventions are discovered accidentally such as penicillin, pacemaker, plastic, microwave oven, superglue, potato chips, brandy, champagne, popsicle, ice cream cone. Through hard work and perseverance, you might get what you wanted or discover somethings else that can change how the world spins.

2) Technologies are there, patiently waiting to be read and applied to reality. Buy books, magazines and pamphlets. Collect the latter for free by visiting exhibits, trade fairs and government institutions.  Read, read and read patiently. Do not threat it as instant noodles.

3) The internet. Apparently the largest and easiest to access library. Available anytime and almost everywhere. Enter desired keywords and read related articles. Search engines are very powerful in delivering all public data around the world. It also gives the option see documents in specific areas within specified time frames. Filter out old and outdated articles.

4) Friends. Many are willing to share excellent ideas because they are your friends. Treating them as resources may not be bad.

5) Institution. Go to nearest college or university and ask for help. Some agencies offer a complete technology package for a fee. It includes the whole technology and guidance to its implementation. It is good if budget permits and never want a bother with the above mentioned hassles.

Technologies are like broken puzzle. Gather the pieces from several sources then fuse it to one. Paid institutions are doing the gathering and fusing for you.