Why It Is Hard to Avoid Unhealthy Foods?

Do you ever wonder why you cannot manage avoiding unhealthy foods? Some of the following reasons might be the right answers.

1) Most unhealthy foods are delectable. Pork, chocolates, ice cream and softdrinks. I am not saying that they are really unhealthy. They are unhealthy only when eaten regularly or eaten in excess. They are irresistible and eating them is enjoyable.

2) Some are pretending to be healthy. E.g. An artificial fruit beverage is fortified with Vitamin C. A little added nutrient in a mixture of water, colors, preservatives and artificial flavorings cannot be called healthy.

3) They are addictive. Delicious foods are addictive like a dangerous illegal drug. Anyone keep craving for more. Feel like heaven when eating it and feel like hell when not.

4) They are hidden. How? a) Intentionally not declaring an ingredient on a food package. E.g. not declaring sodium metabisulfite cause its use is discourage. b) Use of general term. E.g. stating the word “meat” as ingredient. Anyone will never know whether it is pork, beef, chicken or carabeef. In worst cases, some manufacturers just use the word “preservative”. 3) The use of other processed food as ingredient. E.g. bread crumbs, soy sauce, vinegar, catsup and mayonnaise. Each product mentioned is made up of ingredients the consumer will never know.

5) Situation calls for it. what are you going to do when you are in a gathering like fiesta, birthday party and wedding. You should not be picky if the food choices are limited.

6) Camaraderie. Friends keep on insisting you to join the alcohol drinking session. You never want them to get angry. Granting their demand will guarantee a smooth sailing relationship.

7) Lack of discipline. Perhaps it is the main and worst reason.

Add Vinegar to Lower the Effect of High Glycemic Foods

Diet is health but the result could be the reverse sometimes. Avoiding chemical preservatives, too much carbs and fatty foods is indeed healthy. However, worrying too much about what is good and what is not can be stressful.The feeling of stress is not healthy and could be a precursor of many illnesses. It is like contradicting the effect of a healthy diet.

Eating your favorite street foods, junks and pork back fat once in a while to satisfy craving should be done. The guilt could be lessen by half by adding or dipping it with vinegar. Notice that most of the mentioned foods can be dipped in vinegar sauce. The fried pork, isaw, dugo, adidas, kwek kwek, corn crackers and chips. Even some fruits and vegetables can be eaten with vinegar like rare ripe papaya, babagan, Indian mango and cucumber. Recipes like paksiw, sinigang and sinaing requires the addition of vinegar or other natural acid agent.

vinegar in cup

Vinegar can lower the effect of high glycemic index foods by almost half. E.g. a particular meal with a GI value of 72 would be down to 36 when added with vinegar. This is in accordance with the study of Arizona State University.

Before grabbing the favorite vinegar mix and favorite high carb food, please be reminded that the study is about the carb intake. It did not tackle the other aspects such as LDL and preservatives. And eating too much of low carb foods will not save you from getting obese.

Cellular Phones as Medium of Coliform Spread

E coli can be found in food product such as chicken, meat, pork, fruits and vegetables. Human feces is the main source of this bacteria. Coliform on food and other object is a sign of fecal contamination and improper hygiene. E.g.  A story from my professor. Tons of sausages were rejected due to high coliform count. The company did actions to trace the cause. They found out that one of their employee never took a bath before going to work. What a mess! blurred mobile phone

Not just foods. The thing we regularly use might be contaminated with E coli. According the the study conducted by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the 16% of hands  and 16% of cellular phones were positive to coliforms.

Du….! About 16% of the population is not hygienic enough.

Mobile phones are very good medium for bacterial spread. We use it regularly, lend it to others and touch other object and foods after. Some of us are calling / messaging while in the comfort room. We wash / sanitize our hand regularly but we cannot do it with our phones. Imagine washing phone with soap and water or dipping it in chlorinated water.

How To Make A Cold Cooked Oatmeal

I am taking oatmeal regularly. Mostly after waking up and before going to to bed. I rarely miss my habit even if it is very irritating to consume warm foods during hot weather. I am bathing with sweat and eating hot oatmeal. It makes me sweat more.

Eating hot oat is like drinking hot coffee. They have the same weakness. Session during peak of the day is not enjoyable. Though many of my friends love coffee during lunch time.

The solution for this product weakness is doing the reverse. Hot drink during cold climate and vice versa. A popular coffee brand has been aggressively promoting its Nescafe Frappe. Coffee, milk, water and ice shake – the resulting drink is like a cold cappuccino.

Application of this idea to oat is simple. Make a cold cooked oats. A very refreshing cold oatmeal during hot summer days. I have three ways of doing this.

A. Boiling and Cooling – I am only doing this when I have many free time.

1) Boil measured amount of oatmeal and water for three minutes.
2) Let stand to cool, about 25°C.
3) Place in refrigerator until cold. Ice cube / tube can be used as an alternative.

B. Hot Water Method

1) Add water to oatmeal, just enough to soak all the oats.
2) Let cool, about 25°C.
3) Add ice tube. I usually skip step two when I am in a hurry.

C. Refrigerator Method – This one has the longest waiting time but the simplest. I often do this method.

1) Mix measured amount of water and oatmeal.
2) Place it in refrigerator for 15 minutes to one hour.

cold cooked oats

Is It Safe To Eat Rat Recipes?

The residents of Mlang North Cotobato are eating rats. Why do they eat rats?

Mlang has a total land area of 41 thousand hectares. About 13,000 hectares are planted with rice – irrigated and non irrigated. About 1,200 are planted with corn and 308 is palm oil plantation. field rat

The land area for planting is wide but many farmers barely recover their capital for the past two harvest seasons. Their crops are being infested by rats. Rats eat corn, rice and even the palm oil.

To solve the problem, the mayor passed an ordinance that two days of every week will be devoted to rat hunting. Every 15 rat tails presented to municipality is entitled to one kilogram rice [tv5 usi].

Some of the residents are eating rats cause they have no other choice, as form of revenge and because of its delectable meat.

Trade of rat meat in Nueava Ecija is an existing source of revenue. The current price of dressed rats is 80 pesos per kilogram. The popular recipe for this meat are ginisa, adobo, kinamatisan and broiled. Hunting is done at night. The skins, head and entrails are removed, washed thoroughly and sold to market [tv5 usi].

Mom and her sister used to eat rats when they were young. Grandfather was bringing home roasted rats. They were eating it cause they thought it was a roasted bird. She also added that the smell and taste are good. My ancestors believed that it can prevent and cure galis (scabbies – skin disorder).

We all know that rats are dirty.They eat spoiled dirty foods and live in dirty areas. They are the vessel of leptospirosis infection. Would you still consider eating rats? Are rats safe to eat?

From wikianswers.com: Yes! Rats are like fish, the dirtier their environment the tastier they get.

From chacha.com: Wild rats living in the cities usually suffer from internal parasites, but, if fully cooked, they are not dangerous to eat.

From forums of drug3k.com and digitalspy.co.uk: A mixture of safe and not reactions. Safe if cooked properly and not cause you might get sick from it. Especially if you encountered a poisoned rat. Commentator stated that rat meat taste like chicken’s.

I cannot find other studies about its safety. Please inform me if you know some!

I have never heard of food poisoning incidence due to eating rat meat. On the other hand, food poisoning news and scare regarding chicken and chicken eggs are numerous.

photo courtesy of nps.gov

11 Fake / Adulterated Foods From China

China government is doing all efforts to clear the offenders and stop other individuals from making dangerous food commodities. Some of the fake / adulterated foods are: poison dropper bottle

1) Pork with banned steroid clenbuterol – a steroid often used as an asthma medication and made the pig meat lean. It is not safe for human consumption. The chemical can cause heart palpitations.

2) Rice contaminated with cadmium. The heavy metal contaminants are discharge from smelters. It is an extremely toxic chemical.

3) Soy sauce with arsenicCan cause poisoning. A medical condition caused by increased levels of the element arsenic in the body. It interferes with cellular longevity by allosteric inhibition of an essential metabolic enzyme. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include headache, confusion, convulsion, diarrhoea, vomiting, and in severe cases coma and death [wikipedia].

4) Mushrooms are treated with fluorescent bleach.

5) Wine diluted with suagared water and other chemicals.

6) Pork are treated with borate to mimic the appearance of beef. They are indeed sold as beef.

7) Bean sprouts grow faster by using sodium nitrite, urea, antibiotic and plant hormone. Antibiotics should not be taken by people without prescription of medical practitioner. The end product also look more appealing.

8) Melamine in milk . It was added to milk to make its protein content appear higher and increase producer’s profit. It killed at least six babies and made other 300,00 ill. Some of them suffered from serious kidney problems.

9) Stale steamed buns. Stale breads are added with illegal color and sweetener to hide the bad flavor and appearance.

10) Noodles flavored with ink and paraffin. Inks are for printing purposes while paraffin are for making candles. Why they are making it part of human foods?

11)The fake eggs. It is made of paraffin, gelatin and other chemicals such as sodium alga acid, baifan, sodium benzoate, lactone, carboxymethylcellulose, calcium carbide, lysine, food coloring, calcium chloride, gypsum powder. The easiest way to differentiate the fake from original is the characteristic smell of a normal chicken egg – smells like live chicken.

image courtesy of ms powerpoint