A Beacon Food Forest in the City | are we ready for this one?

A city park filled with hundreds of edible plants such as fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, etc… Free to anyone and everyone. A seven acre area with the following:

– canopy, large fruit and nut trees
– low tree layer, dwarf fruit trees
– shrub layer, currants and berries
– herbaceous, comfreys, beets, herbs
– rhizosphere, root vegetables
– soil surface, ground cover such as strawberries
– vertical layer, climbers, vines

seattle beacon food forest jefferson parkLocation: Area adjacent to the west side of Jefferson Park at Seattle.

the 7 layer food forestIt is a community based project, funded by the community and maintained by community. Anyone may go there to help develop the place, relax or just wonder around. The best things, entrance is free and all edibles are free.

The project is not good, it is excellent. Imagine entering a forested area full of free edibles. Get what you want and eat all you want. However, if it is going to be built in our place, are we responsible enough to take care of it. Can we promise ourselves:

– not to cut trees and sell it as log
– not to do slash and burn
– not to harvest fruit for sale
– not to shoot inhabiting birds
– not to leave non-biodegradable garbage in the area
– not to live inside the area
– to voluntarily help in area development and maintenance

I hate to admit, this project is excellent but might go to waste if built in our very own place instead.