How to Make Cassava Fries

I thought I could make french fries from cassava. I tried and succeeded.

The following procedure is different from this french fries recipe.  I removed the pesky fry-freeze-fry method.

Here it goes…

1) Wash cassava to remove adhering dirt and soil.
2) Cut off both ends. Peel off the skin by making a narrow spiral incision and prying if off slowly with a sharp knife.
3) Again, wash and rinse well.
4) Cut to desired sizes. The shape and length similar to french fries. Do this carefully, cassava is much harder than potatoes. Use a sharp and sturdy knife.

kamoteng kahoy slices5) Fry in oil over very low heat for about ten minutes. Two minutes fry over high flame will result to crunchy outside but raw inside. Ten minutes fry over low heat results to crunchy outside and dry soft inner. Adjust the heat so that surface turns golden brown after about ten minutes.
6) Place in strainer or clean towel to drain off excess oil.

kamoteng kahoy friesServe the cassava fries immediately. It absorbs moisture quickly and turns soft.

The Take Home Leftover Ulam / Fried Chicken

I was feeling so hungry. I could not wait until home. I stopped by the nearest fast food chain and had something to eat. I took an order, one  piece fried chicken,one french fries, two rice and a drink. One rice is always not enough so it should be two.

I took in all the rice, drink and french fries except the fried chicken. It was too big. My stomach could still fit it in but my  mind said no. I like it but I felt so tired eating it – the feeling of “umay”.

The chicken is only half eaten. The other half is enough for another meal. I placed it in a rice wrapper and took it home.

take home chicken

Whenever I eat in a fast food chain or any other restaurant, I always notice one thing. Many people are ordering what they cannot consume and leaving the food after.  Some are barely eating the meal.

All leftover foods are gathered by restaurant staffs and thrown to garbage bin. They cannot be saved for other purposes. Its for health purposes – some diseases are transmitted through foods. You are wasting food brother!

Why are people are not taking home leftover? For them doing so is embarrassing. Its not macho. Not sexy either.  Or their  money is excessive, the unfinished food just doesn’t matter.

I always take home all the unfinished food. Its me who munched it anyway. Transferring a disease from me to myself is ridiculous.

How To Make Camote French Fries, Sweet Potato

fried french fries

Love eating french fries? If you do, then you should also try eating camote french fries! It has the same crunchy outside and soft inside texture. Unfortunately, such product cannot be bought yet from McDonalds and Jollibee, you need to make your own.

Get your favorite sweet potato variety. Wash, peel and cut to sizes similar to regular french fries. Deep fry for 2-3 minutes or until tender.

frying potato sticks

Drip excess oil by placing it in strainer for few seconds and or on sheets of manila paper or towel for one minute.

cooling fried potato sticks

Place the camote slices in freezer compartment for two hours or until frozen. While still frozen, deep-fry again until golden brown. Place the fries in strainer and allow excess oil to drip for few seconds.

fried potato sticks in wire mesh

Serve. Can be sprinkled with cheese powder if desired.

fried french fries