A Fresh and Low-Fat Cow's Milk on Supermarket Shelf

Near the supermarket’s chill section lies a group of fresh cow’s milk. I am betting they are all fresh milks since they are in group and with the same packaging type, the tetra pack. The product is packed this way as seen on TV.

a lot of tetra pack fresh milk on supermarket shelves

I also assume that getting one 250 ml tetra pack is fine. It is like getting a sip of every brand available. I am going to buy different brands at bigger volumes later to find if my assumptions are correct.

The milk on my hand is Magnolia Purefresh low fat cow’s milk. It is claimed as excellent calcium source and with less than 2% fat. UHT processed for long life.

magnolia pure fresh

It is guaranteed pure and fresh from New Zealand. New Zealand has more than 6,000 acres of lush, green, and productive pastures grazed by dairy cows that produce fresh milk. That’s where Magnolia Purefresh low fat cow’s milk comes from. Enjoy its taste from the premium grown dairy cows.

No ingredients declaration required since the label says it all, milk and only fresh milk.

It is manufactured in New Zealand for Magnolia Inc. It traveled all the way from … to Philippines already processed and packed. Has a shelf life of until September 15, 2013. Five months shelf life is pretty long for a fresh milk, assuming it was manufactured just weeks ago.

The 250 ml pack has 4 g total fat (3 g saturated fat), 100 mg total sodium, 12 g carbohydrates (12 sugar) and 9 g protein.

According to raw-milk-facts.com, raw milk has 3.9% fat. For UK terminology: whole milk = 4% fat, semi skimmed milk = 1.7% fat and the skimmed milk has 0.1 to 0.3%. For USA: whole milk has 3.25% fat, reduced-fat milk has 2%, lowfat or light milk has 1%, fat-free has 0%.

Reducing the original fat content is done by the process called skimming or simply cream removal. The process can either be gravitational or centrifugal. Both are physical processes that won’t cause any nutrient loss.

UHT or ultra hight temperature processing is done by heating the milk at 135 °C for one to two seconds, enough to kill bacterial spores and lengthen the milk life for several months.

It taste like milk. A milk with slightly diluted taste and without the disagreable cow smell (maango or ango in Tagalog). I had tasted fresh cow’s milk before, the thing that came straight from the dairy cow. It had an  unpleasant cow smell, it had even after short boiling.

Drinking Raw Egg Straight From Shell

Some chickens drink their own egg. Force the fresh egg open with their sharp pointed beak and sip all its contents. I am an agriculturist-food technologist but I never know the real reason behind the did. Elders said it’s because it got very hungry but never want to get out of nest. Chickens doing such are candidate for culling.

We never usually take fresh uncooked eggs. We boil it, from soft boiled egg, malasado, to hard boiled egg. Fry, sunny side up, beaten, torta and omelet. The only nearest to raw eggs is the malasado.

Note: fresh eggs is mixed with drinks such as eggnog and coconut eggnog variation or coquito.

On the other hand, some do take fresh eggs. Fresh eggs straight from the egg shells. Pricking the egg shell with a sharp object instead of beak. Then drinking it like an ordinary drinking water. Sometimes mixing a little salt to counter the disagreeable taste, malansa.

I think, fresh egg is drank as tonic. Taken by alcohol intoxicated person and or exhausted person a day after.

If the egg is a Salmonella carrier, the drinker might suffer then.

fresh luminous eggsupdate as of June 30, 2012. Drink by pregnant just before delivery. A belief that it will hasten  baby delivery.