The Hotdog and Fish Leftover Chao Fan

A fried fish, fried hot dog, fried rice and some old rice. I think this would fit me and my son for lunch. Wait, I bet it is me only. My son prefer eating with his tita and lola than with me. Near lunch time is still play time. He is going to eating with them while playing.

Yet another randomly prepared recipe without any specific measurement and cooking time frame.

I removed the fish head and bones, then shredded it to pieces. I made sure there was no bones left. Cut the half hotdog thinly. Chopped one medium onion. Dropped all prepared ingredients to old rice and fried rice. Added a little soy sauce. Then stirred it continuously over low heat for few minutes.

The chao fan for me and only for me was ready. I never added any cooking oil. The previously fried rice oil was enough to prevent the mix from sticking to pan.

recooking fried rice with other ingredients

As I expected, my son already ate sontanghon soup with his tita.


The Tomato Tokwa Chao Fan

I had a cold and felt like sleeping all day. I did slept from 9 am to 11 am and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. It was a good thing my baby boy had the same appetite for sleep.

Before taking afternoon sleep, I mashed the leftover rice to loosen its grains. Then I placed it inside refrigerator. The purpose was to prepare it for fried rice. My friend Dennis told me about this technique.

Then afternoon sleep ….zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lot of sleep and drinking water are essential for cold curing.

The only suitable ingredient left in fridge are tomatoes and tofu. I thought these two are enough compliment. I fried the cubed tofu and set it aside. Sauteed onions. I added the rice and tofu and fried it for about ten minutes. I mixed soy soy sauce and fish sauce to taste. The two condiments are not usually used together but I am doing it often. I topped it with sliced crunchy tomatoes.

My baby boy woke up after after I finished cooking. We ate the yummy chao fan together.

The mashing and cooling of rice in fridge was a good idea. It resulted to a better fried rice texture.