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Santol Fruit: Causes of Postharvest Losses

There are three major causes of postharvest losses of Santol Fruit. They are: lack of available processing technologies, lack of storage facilities and lack of knowledge on proper handling. 1) Lack of available processing technologies. Perhaps it is the major cause of postharvest losses. When the santol Bangkok variety came to existence, lots of farmers […]

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Using Bubod To Make Fruit Wines

Can I use bubod for fruit wine making? Hmm… Lets do some analysis. Here is a simple tapuy making procedure. 1) Boil balatinaw (a variety of red rice) in a large wok until cooked. 2) Cool and arrange in a wooven bamboo tray, bilao. 3) Sprinkle with powdered bubod. Cover with fresh banana leaves and […]

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