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Why Fruits Turn Brown After Opening ?

thick brown santol rind

Browning of apple flesh is so quick. Bite an apple and you will notice that its flesh color turns brown before you made another bite. Open a bangkok santol fruit, suck up one seed. You will also notice that peel turns brown before you finish sucking the first seed, unless you are mad enough to […]

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Making Candied and Glazed Fruits

Candied fruits are heavily impregnated with sugar, coated with confectioner’s sugar, and dried for transparent, smooth and glossy surface. Fruits to be candied should be firm and ripe. Too-soft fruits will not be hold its shape during the processing. A small amount of corn syrup will prevent hard sugar crystals from forming; too much will […]

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Forbidden Acts After Eating

One of my friend posted this on Facebook. I just want to share it to you guys. I wonder if the content is really true. In case you don’t want to watch, the video tells the seven forbidden acts after eating. 1. Don’t smoke- Experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is […]

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Quick Freezing at Home


Slow freezing of fruit and vegetables causes formation of large water crystals. These crystals damage the cell wall resulting to water released when thawed. A slow frozen dragon fruit turns to liquid when thawed.  Slow frozen meat might developed freezer burn. A brown discoloration on meat surface due to migration of water to meat surface. […]

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