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The Taro/Gabi Cake

Dennis told me, a suman made of taro tastes good. I tried figuring out how it’s made. Maybe a procedure similar to regular rice cake or a method of cassava suman. Cassava suman. A piece of nilaib banana leaf is rolled to form a tube. The tube is then held vertically. Bottom end is closed […]

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How to Make Taro/Gabi Chips

I used the white gabi/taro variety for making this chip. Two taro varieties are available here, white and pink. The pink (we call it red actually) has pink flesh and shade of the same color on base of stalks. The white variety has a clean white flesh and a regular green stalks.  White plant grows […]

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Gabi / Taro Benefits

gabi root

Way back years ago, we used to cook broiled and boiled gabi / taro as merienda. My mother was also using it as ingredient for cooking meat and vegetable dishes. As of date gabi plant in my father’s farm are rare because making money out of it was quite slow. However, my father is still […]

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