A Closed Season For Galunggong?

What to expect toward the end of this year and the start of year 2014? Hold your breath and preferably hold your wallet tight. Expect a shortage of galunggong and expect a stiff price increase. However, if events turned out according to plans, the reverse occurs afterwards.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is studying the possibility of implementing a fishing closed season specifically for the poor man’s fish known as GG, the round scad galunggong. The act was inspired by the previous fishing closed season implemented on Visayas and Zamboanga sea. The project not only increased the population of sardines species but also the galunggong.

I think they were referring to this particular closed season!

The Capture Fisheries Technology Division (CFTD-BFAR) has to conduct researches like galunggong rich areas, breeding season and production capacity. The initial prospect is the Northern part of Palawan.

I am going to miss my favorite galunggong pinangat. It can’t be helped. We need to give our food source a time to breath, rest, enjoy themselves and multiply.

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Daing na Sariwa, Tulingan at Galunggong

The usual daing na sariwa is bangus or milkfish. Making galunggong and or tulingan version provides several advantages.

Less fish bones. Milk fish has excellent taste but removing lots of fish bones makes me want to throw it away. More affordable. It is not a price per kilo comparison, it is a per piece instead. Galunggong and tulingan can be bought for a lesser amount of money.

A recipe contributed by her, my better half.

1) Choose the freshest fish available. However, if the real processing logic is followed, choose fish with red eyes, a little soggy, an old stock but with no putrid odor.

2) Remove the entrails. Wash under running water. Slice the fish from head to tail with a sharp knife to imitate the daing appearance.

3) Prepare the spice solution. Mixture of vinegar, black pepper granules, salt, sugar, chili and other spices available. Just like a pickling solution.

4) Soak the fish in pickling solution. Cover. Let stand overnight.

5) Drain well before frying to prevent oil droplet explosion. Or, dry under the sun for eight hours.

daing na tulinganDaing is a salted and dried fish. The sariwa or wet version uses a pickling solution instead. The original version is salty to extremely salty  while the sariwa is sour and spicy.