Fried Pusit Stuffed With Veggies


1 cup squash, cut to thin sticks
1 carrot, medium, cut to thin sticks
1 potato, cut to thin sticks
1/2 kilo squid, medium sized
2 onions, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
salt to taste
ground pepper


Remove squid entrails and wash in running water. Steam vegetables for three minutes . Slice thinly. Mix all vegetables. Add garlic and onion. Season with ground pepper and salt to taste. Stuff the mixed ingredients inside squid. Fry until tender. Serve.

fried pusit stuffed with veggies

Garlic Processing by DA-RFU I

garlic processing brochureGarlic Enriched Polvoron

1 kg flour
1 kg skim milk
1 kg butter
1 tbsp garlic powder

1. Shift dry ingredients together.
2. Cook until brown in color.
3. Melt butter
4. Add butter until equally mixed with other ingredients
5. Mold and wrap with colored cellophane.

Garlic Powder

Ilocos garlic
rice flour

1. Grind Ilocos garlic flakes by using blender to desired softness
2. Shift and add rice flour
3. Mix together.
4. Pack in a bottle.

Garlic Flakes

Ilocos garlic

1. Remove garlic skin.
2. Separate cloves.
3. Peel and wash with running water.
4. Slice.
5. Spread on drying trays lined with cheesecloth.
6. Place in mechanical drying oven. Set temperature to 60°C.
7. Pack in suitable container.

Garlic Chips

sliced Ilocos garlic
vegetable oil
iodized salt

1. Fry until golden brown in color
2. Spread on tissue paper. Cool.
3. Pack in suitable container.

Garlic Enriched Miki Noodles

1 kg all purpose flour
1 tbsp garlic powder
2 cups water

1. Shift and mix dry ingredients together.
2. Prepare the dough.
3. Slice dough into desired sizes.
4. Knead the dough or roll-in
5. Cut via cutting machine
6. Dry and pack.

Garlic Pickles

1/2 kg peeled/sliced garlic
garnish (carrots, red chili, onions)
Brining solution: 1/2 cup salt + 2 cups water
Pickling solution: 1 1/2 cups white vinegar + 1 1/4 cup sugar + 1 tsp salt.

1. Peel the garlic.
2. Clean and wash in running water.
3. Prepare brine solution. Soak the peeled garlic overnight.
4. Drain brine. Rinse in water to remove excess salt.
5. Prepare the garnish.
6. Arrange garlic and garnish in jar.
7. Prepare pickling solution. Pour it to jar leaving one inch head space.
8. Cap tightly while still hot.

For more info, contact:
Wilhelmina P. Castaneda
Supervising Agriculturist
Department of Agriculture-RFU I
Ilocos Integrated Agricultural Research Center
Sapilan, Bacnotan, La Union
Tel No.: (o72)719-0189/91

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How to Make Plain Garlic Chips

I finally got successful in making banana chips after about ten trials. I never thought that making garlic chips is so delicate. A slightest mistake will render it burnt.


1) Get garlic. Separate each clove and remove the skin.

2) Slice big clove to halves. Leave the small ones as is.

3) Get a glass with a flat bottom and a chopping board.

4) Slowly flatten each clove in between chopping board and glass bottom. Or slice it thinly. Thin slices look more appealing. Pressing is a lot easier so I prefer it.

5) Place the flatten garlic clove in stainless steel strainer.

6) Add enough cooking oil in a frying pan. Amount of cooking oil should be enough to soak all garlic.

7) Set the stove flame to low. Test the oil temperature by dipping a piece of garlic in oil. It is ready when it bubbles gently.

8) Dipped the stainless steel strainer in oil. Fry until slightly golden brown. This will take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on stove temperature. Brown to blackish color is a sign of burnt chip. It taste bitter.

9) Remove from flame immediately and place on manila paper or dry towel to remove excess oil.

fried garlic chips

Different Ways To Eat Garlic

According to Reader’s Digest, garlic is one of the foods that has the potential in preventing cancer. Note: the term is “prevention” not cure. It can stimulate the body defenses against cancer and reduce tumor growth. The anti-cancer effect is attributed by sulfur compounds.

garlic head

Hate garlic? Here are some ways to eat it. Pick the one you are most comfortable with.

1) The most uncomfortable way is to eat it raw. Get a whole garlic head. Separate each clove. Remove the skins. Then eat it comfortably – just like eating potato chips. A glass of water will help push it way down to stomach.

2) Perhaps the above is not really comfortable. Plain raw garlic taste awful. In a jar, mix equal amount of vinegar and soy sauce. Add garlic cloves – all should be soaked. Store in  room temperature until the garlic became greenish. It taste better than plain raw and even better with rice. See how it looks like!

3) Add it to every dish. Minced garlic when mixed with any dish is often unnoticeable. It gives a good flavor. However, some people with a super sensitive sense of taste rejects any dish with garlic or excessive amount of garlic.

4) Fry it. Eating a piece of garlic from a vegetable recipe is an awful experience. But a fried garlic mixed with peanuts is different. It tastes good. Plain garlic chip is also good tasting.

5) The garlic bread and garlic flakes. The first time I had a taste of garlic bread, I liked it and never thought it was garlic flavored.

6) Look for other healthy foods. There are many healthy options that can help maintain healthy body and prevent cancer. No need to force yourself in eating something you never like.

Drinking Garlic Tea as Cough Remedy

Garlic is the worse vegetable dish for me. It can make any dish a lot better but eating a piece of it makes me about to vomit. The taste is plain bad.

Do you hate garlic too? What if this bad tasting garlic is a cough cure. It is almost always available and could be an immediate remedy. In case any other cure is not available on hand, would you take garlic to ease your cough?

I have no cough but I wanted to find out if I can take garlic as tea. Eating it raw is a no no for me. A tea should be fine.

I got one garlic clove. Sliced it and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for ten minutes. Let stood for two minutes and drank. The tea version is not as bad as pure garlic glove. I could drink it with ease.

I thought garlic and ginger tea would be more palatable. I got another garlic glove and a piece of garlic. Sliced them both and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for 10 minutes. As I thought the mixture has a more pleasant taste and aroma. The garlic presence was masked by ginger. The soothing effect is more intense too.

Adding sugar to masked garlic is an option but not a good idea. Sugar tend to cause irritation resulting to coughing.

ginger and garlic

Garlic Uses and Benefits

fried garlic

We usually mince garlic before adding it to every dish. We chop it very fine because we don’t want someone accidentally eating it. Garlic adds flavor to almost 80 percent of dishes but eating the whole garlic clove is disgusting, it taste awful even if cooked with any dish.

Garlic taste awful but it imparts a good taste to every dish and taste really good when deep fried. We usually see fried garlic in fried peanuts, some of us even request more of it.

fried garlic

Garlic is very useful in cuisine preparation. According to Bureau of Plant and Industry, it can also be used for medicinal purposes. Some of these are:

1) Vermifuge – A medication capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms.
2) Diaphoretic, diuretic, and expectorant due to the active constituents of the oil.
3) Bulbs are prescribed for high blood pressure.
4) The bulbs are eaten fresh or burned for coughs of children.
5) A cure for headache, and are used as pain reliever of insect bites, scorpions, centipedes, and the like.
6) The oil, prescribed internally, acts as a stimulant to prevent recurrence of the cold fits of intermittent fevers.
7) The oil is administered with common salt in affections of the nervous system and in headache, flatulence, hysteria, etc.
8) The juice is applied to the nose in the cases of fainting.
9) The juice is considered a popular antiseptic.
10) The freshly expressed juice, diluted with an equal amount of water or with wine, is successful in the treatment of tuberculosis. A fresh bulb is eaten for tuberculosis prevention.