The Last Few Things I did Before My Cough Was Finally Cured

I read that cough usually last for one to three weeks. It is often self terminating and never need any medication. Proliferating medicines are just hoaxes and taking advantage of the common disease.

Know what? My persistent hard coughing lasted for two months, and another productive coughing of one month. I still experiencing rare coughing as of date.

I consulted a doctor after two weeks and no chronic symptoms found. I constantly monitored my saliva – it was perfectly normal. There was no abnormality in my mouth when I look at the mirror. Maybe it was an acute bronchitis, but my x-ray result was essentially normal.

Maybe I am allergic to peanuts. I was experiencing hard coughing whenever I eat even minute amounts. Or maybe, peanut is a real cough worsener. I also avoided eating crabs and shrimps. A friend of mine told me that two food items can worsen cough. Eating powdery foods such as pulvoron, chips, biscuits and crackers also worsen my coughing.

The last things I did.

1) Back to my regular diet. Taking sweets and salty foods occasionally. Avoiding those rendered no effect in curing cough.

2) Frequent water intake in small amounts. It wash away phlegm and prevent dry and itchy throat.

3) Occasionally chewing fresh ginger. It remove throat itchiness and help me get a good night sleep. Note: sucking ginger for prolonged period is not recommended. It causes internal mouth inflammation.

4) Ascorbic acid 500 mg. It was doctor’s recommended treatment. I has been taking Vitamin C supplement in the morning and before going to bed.

5) Enervon. I thought Vitamin C was not enough. I bought Enervon and took it once a day. This multivitamins and ascorbic acid are taken to boost body immune system.

What I am taking to sooth sore throat and relieve coughing?

The sudden change from cold weather to hot made us caught common colds that eventually result to coughing. Symptoms persist for several days that it has been depriving me of long work hours and have been giving us almost sleepless nights.

I am taking plenty or rest and taking the following at specified intervals.

Vinegar. It is my first aid whenever I feel sore and painful throat. It is the natural medicine that is almost always available at any household.

Strepsils lozenges – I was really looking for the late Streptuss. Unluckily, its production was discontinued. The Strepsils, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol Amylmetacresol, relieves sore throat and coughing but not as effective as the late Streptuss.

Eating raw ginger – Apparently the most effective. A bite immediately take away soreness and subsequent coughing. Effect wears about 15 minutes after the ginger runs out. I am biting it little by little for  a longer lasting effect.

peeled gingerMunching raw onions – It is as effective as ginger. It has disagreeable odor and taste. Jaw movement in rapid succession brings a sudden burst of hot uncomfortable mouth sensation.

onionsTaking in honey – Taking a spoonful only brings slight comfort for few minutes. Many other websites are claiming it effective however.

crystallized honeyHot calamansi juice – Not just calamansi, the hot tea and coffee works too. A relief while drinking.

Okra, Ladies Finger – The mucilage is claimed to cure sore throat. I tried it once with no effect felt.

Menthol+Eucalyptus+Camphor Vaporizing Rub. Dissolving some in hot water and inhaling. It readily remedy sore throat, tickling and hard coughing. How I wish I could sleep beside stove so I can smell it all night. I think it is an overdosed.

menthol eucalyptus camphorDrinking water. Taking a sip of water every five minutes. It brings comfort. However, going to comfort room every 15 minutes to pee is not comfortable.

A doctor’s prescribed antibiotic.

update as of June 29, 2012. Please see “What not to take when having dry cough| Doctor’s Advice“.

Using Freshly Pound Ginger As Pain Reliever

It was the fourth time I experienced toe pain. The fourth time was so severe. A reddish black inflammation was evident. Walking was not possible. A slight movement was bringing unbearable pain that was making me shout and almost cry.

I first thought it was just a sprained toe muscle. The first time – a short pain at night that lasted for about 15 minutes. Second – a short pain in early morning, lasted about 30 minutes. Third time – I woke up having extreme pain, it lasted several days. Fourth time – I woke up having an extreme pain. It was more painful than the third time, It lasted for over a month.

The symptoms I felt was closely similar to gouty arthritis. I refrained from taking pork, soft drinks and other artificial beverages. Endured the pain and moved it as much as I could. It worked.

I was very thankful to my mother-in-law. She thought me a natural way to ease the pain. The application of freshly pound ginger to painful area and securing it with a bandage. I was applying it before sleeping and whenever the pain became unbearable.

I think ginger works like a Salonpas and other pain relief ointments. However, the ginger is longer lasting. One application lasts overnight. Dipping the ginger in oil further lengthens its effect.

Recently, my younger sister felt a muscle pain similar to mine. Except that hers occurred on left hips. The first time – she had a massage and she was able to walk with ease after two days. The second time – she had a physical therapy session again but in no effect. She was shouting and crying by midnight. Her hips joint became extremely painful. Bringing her to hospital was not possible. The pain was very sensitive to touch and slight movement. The worst case, there was no where to buy any pain reliever tablets.

I advised the ginger thing. Mom wrapped around freshly pound ginger on her hips. After about 30 minutes, the feeling became comfortable enough for her to fall asleep. We brought her to doctor the next day. Her case needed an immediate attention due to her regular day time job.

Drinking Garlic Tea as Cough Remedy

Garlic is the worse vegetable dish for me. It can make any dish a lot better but eating a piece of it makes me about to vomit. The taste is plain bad.

Do you hate garlic too? What if this bad tasting garlic is a cough cure. It is almost always available and could be an immediate remedy. In case any other cure is not available on hand, would you take garlic to ease your cough?

I have no cough but I wanted to find out if I can take garlic as tea. Eating it raw is a no no for me. A tea should be fine.

I got one garlic clove. Sliced it and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for ten minutes. Let stood for two minutes and drank. The tea version is not as bad as pure garlic glove. I could drink it with ease.

I thought garlic and ginger tea would be more palatable. I got another garlic glove and a piece of garlic. Sliced them both and boiled in 3/4 glass of water for 10 minutes. As I thought the mixture has a more pleasant taste and aroma. The garlic presence was masked by ginger. The soothing effect is more intense too.

Adding sugar to masked garlic is an option but not a good idea. Sugar tend to cause irritation resulting to coughing.

ginger and garlic

Update: Tawa Tawa and Ginger Extract can Kill Dengue Virus

fresh tawa tawa herb

The initial study result about tawa tawa herb was very promising. And there is more, the spicy ginger gave a promising result too. Laboratory trials showed that 99 percent of dengue viral plaque can be killed by tawawa extract. Ginger extract can kill 56 percent. For the advancement, it will be tested in animals.

Other medicinal herbs included in the study are:

centella / takip suso/ takip kuhol

The study is being done by the Saint Lukes Medical Center through the funding of the Department of Science and technology (DOST).

The Department of Health (DOH) stated: Taking tawa tawa herb as dengue cure is not yet recommended. It is still best to go to hospital as early as possible for treatment.

How to Make Ginger Candy


Processing is a way to add value to commodities. Thus, small ginger and ginger fragments could be made into ginger candy.


Prepare yourself and begin:
1. Wash ginger thoroughly in several changes of water. Remove peels by scrubbing.
2. Cut crosswise according to its shape. Thickness should be 1/6 to 1/2 inches.
3. Soak ginger in clean water to prevent browning.
4. Boil ginger for three minutes and set aside the boiled water. Do this several times until you get the desired spiciness.
5. Weigh the ginger, add one part sugar and one part water.
6. Boil for ten minutes to until the sugar is dissolved. Let stand overnight.
7. Change water and sugar but do not discard it. Boil again for ten minutes. Let stand overnight.
8. Boil the syrup with ginger until all water has evaporated.
9. Arrange in tray and dry in oven dryer or under the sun.

Quality Assurance Check:
Use refractometer to ensure uniform sugar content of syrup from batch to batch. See sugar content determination page.

1. For diabetics and health conscious buddies, sugar can be replaced with natural alternatives. It will cost you extra cash.
2. The water used in step number 4 to 6 could be used in making instant ginger tea. Throwing it away means dumping your money. Cheers!