Gingerbon: Ginger Gummy Candy

ginger gummy candy

This is the only one left from five Gingerbon my wife gave me. I took one, unwrapped it and put inside my mouth. My son was very eager to have, so I gave him one. Then, my daughter was jealous, wanted a candy for herself to. I also gave her. I expected they could never tolerate the ginger taste so I resisted at first.


After few seconds, the two saliva laden candies went straight back to me. I ended up having three gingerbons.

ginger gummy candy

Opening the secondary package was a breeze. However, the primary was something else. Both ends have zigzag patterns for ease of opening but I had a hard time tearing it apart. Not sure if it was the plastic fault or my hand was a bit greasy. Added to my annoyance was the gummy like candy sticking to inside of wrapper.

My aura suddenly change upon putting it inside my mouth. The blend of strong ginger taste and sweetness is nearly perfect. Awakening effect of coffee minus the bitter taste.