Gout Prevention That Works

I have never experience gout attacks for years now. It is safe to assume that my prevention methods are quite efficient.

Here they are. It supersedes all other gout related article I published earlier.

I take everything in moderation with the exception of water, fruits and vegetables. My point is, avoiding gravy and sardines is futile if I eat a lot of chicken legs and bacon. Bread and rice are not purine sources but I also avoid taking too much. As a general rule, I am stopping when my stomach is half full. The lightest meal is at dinner. The body needs the least amount of energy during sleep. Excess will only be stored as fat.

I drink a lot of water everyday. The first thing I put in stomach after waking up is a glass of water or two. I drink soft beverages and coffee rarely. Water therapy is recommended for dissolving purine crystal deposits, thus, during gout. However, why let gout attacks before drinking water a lot. Prevention is better than cure. Plus, water has lots of benefits more than we can imagine.

Few minutes morning exercise. In my line of work, legs down to feet are the least use part of my body. So I take time to do 15 minutes jogging every morning to compensate. It does not only help prevents gout attacks but is also making my legs stronger.

Sometimes, over eating is hard to avoid, specially on special occasions like town fiestas and birthdays. In this case, I am mixing one teaspoon baking soda in 500ml drinking water and taking it three times a day.

I initially took baking soda solution as gout cure. The instant relief claim of other website is not true, in my very own experience. In previous severe attacks, comfort could be felt after three to five days continuous intake. Onset could be arrested though.

Blood flows slower in feet and even slower in cold weather and cold night. It gives time to excess purine to deposit on joints resulting to gout. So I keep them warm by wearing socks, pajamas and using thick blanket during sleep.

Peanut Butter Skins May Cause High Uric Acid Level

Do you ever wonder what are those dark specs in your peanut butter? If you are seeing these then I guess it is from your neighborhood startup manufacturer. They still have no enough budget to buy a good peanut grinder. Medium to top of the line grinders have the ability to pulverize well those brown peanut skins and mix to homogeneity. Yes, they are peanut skins. The brown thin covering next to thick shells.

peanut butter brown spec skins

Peanut butter makers have the option to choose between skinned peanut and the non-skinned version. Just like peanut vendors who offer wide variety of roasted and fried peanuts. The most common options are the ordinary and the “hubad” (skins removed). Some are choosing the latter type for health reasons. One manufacturer told me, the peanut skins can cause fluctuate of uric acid level leading to gout attack and possibly other urinary problems.

So, if you are concerned, choose peanut butters with no skins included!

Curing Gout with Proper Diet

After two years, gout attacked me again. I am sure it was due to negligence. Eating more than what I could burn and specially, taking in the trigger. Two days of pig backfat as viand plus one whole day of liver while the gout symptoms was manifesting.

I felt a slight pain on right ankle Saturday night. It increased a little by Sunday. It was painful by Monday but I still managed going to work. Very painful by evening. Walking was almost impossible. Seemed a vice grip was gripping and twitching my bones. By midnight, no comfortable way to walk, sit and lie to bed. Very slight movement brought so much pain. I only slept comfortably when the sun began to rise, when the cold environment began to ceased.

As per research, the main reason for gout attacks is improper diet. So what caused by wrong diet could be cured by following a proper food plan. What were the specific foods that triggered my gout. As per my memory remember, they were pig backfat and liver. Liver is a no no for people prone to gout symptoms. It has incredibly high amount of purines. Backfat on the other does not contain dangerous amounts but works like lock which prevents the exit of uric acid out of human body.

To put it simply. Purines are broken down to uric acid. Excess uric acid are deposited on bone joints mostly in areas near toe. Crystal deposits are responsible for severe pain. Uric acid are taken out of the body via kidney. Excess uric acid occurs when too much purine are taken in, kidneys cannot take them out as necessary or the organ is beginning to fail.

My prior gout attack gave me pain for about one and a half months. I didn’t think I can handle that long pain again. I have many works to do. Going to doctor was not my option because I know very well that gout drug medicines have harmful side effects and take time to work. What I tried this time were far harder but very very effective.

1) Drinking a lot of water. The hard part was frequent journey to comfort room whilst my ankle was aching big time.

2) Eating nothing but apples and bananas for 24 hours. The two food items are reportedly low and purines and are good for relieving gout symptoms. Continuing it for the next day onwards but taking little rice and viand. Philippines is a rice eating country, letting go of rice for something else was really something.

3) Eating raw garlic. I tried it cause it is a healthy food. I felt pain relief after  few cloves. I continued eating such for 24 hours, 4 garlic heads in one day. Raw garlic tasted sucks, it was hot on stomach and it made my breath smelled really bad.

4) Avoiding high purine foods. They are delicious foods that are often on our dining table. Do I need to mention why it was hard?

The pain and swelling was almost gone after one week. I am walking straight again as if nothing bad happened.

Using Freshly Pound Ginger As Pain Reliever

It was the fourth time I experienced toe pain. The fourth time was so severe. A reddish black inflammation was evident. Walking was not possible. A slight movement was bringing unbearable pain that was making me shout and almost cry.

I first thought it was just a sprained toe muscle. The first time – a short pain at night that lasted for about 15 minutes. Second – a short pain in early morning, lasted about 30 minutes. Third time – I woke up having extreme pain, it lasted several days. Fourth time – I woke up having an extreme pain. It was more painful than the third time, It lasted for over a month.

The symptoms I felt was closely similar to gouty arthritis. I refrained from taking pork, soft drinks and other artificial beverages. Endured the pain and moved it as much as I could. It worked.

I was very thankful to my mother-in-law. She thought me a natural way to ease the pain. The application of freshly pound ginger to painful area and securing it with a bandage. I was applying it before sleeping and whenever the pain became unbearable.

I think ginger works like a Salonpas and other pain relief ointments. However, the ginger is longer lasting. One application lasts overnight. Dipping the ginger in oil further lengthens its effect.

Recently, my younger sister felt a muscle pain similar to mine. Except that hers occurred on left hips. The first time – she had a massage and she was able to walk with ease after two days. The second time – she had a physical therapy session again but in no effect. She was shouting and crying by midnight. Her hips joint became extremely painful. Bringing her to hospital was not possible. The pain was very sensitive to touch and slight movement. The worst case, there was no where to buy any pain reliever tablets.

I advised the ginger thing. Mom wrapped around freshly pound ginger on her hips. After about 30 minutes, the feeling became comfortable enough for her to fall asleep. We brought her to doctor the next day. Her case needed an immediate attention due to her regular day time job.

Drink Coffee to Lower the Risk of Gouty Arthritis?

Drinking coffee has a lot of issues. Many credible articles are stating that it is harmful to health. There are also studies proving that drinking it is beneficial. It is natural for manufacturers to promote its health benefits. Why say something bad about own commodity? Do not judge them as one-sided because what they are saying are also backed-up by studies.

coffee mug

Here is another benefit that can make you a coffee addict – drinking at least five cups a day.

I read about it on Arthritis Foundation (www.arthritis.org). Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may significantly lower the risk of gouty arthritis in men. It may lower the amount of body uric acid which deposits in bone joints as urate crystals.

I mentioned in my previous article that drinking softdinks is related to increased risk of gouty arthritis in men. Softdinks addicts perhaps can switch to hot coffee and ice cold coffee. Prevent it before the chronic big toe pain happens.

The finding was a result of two separate studies.

1) Done by researchers of Arthritis Research Center of Canada, University of British Columbia in Canada, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Health. Led by Hyon K. Choi, MD, DrPH and associates. Count of 45,869 men age 40 and no previous history of gout were included in the study. Follow up surveys was made after 12 years.

2)The second study was also led by Dr. Choi. It was based on US National Health and Nutrition Survey done between 1988 and 1994. About 14,000 men and women at least 20 years old were included in the study.

Gout risk is 40% lower in men who drank four to five cups a day, 59% for those who drank more than six cups and slightly lower for those who drank decaffeinated coffee.

Wew! I feel like drinking coffee every hour.