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He is Selling Dried Guyabano Leaves

I know very well that guyabano is a popular and natural anti-cancer medicine. Many tried and cured by it, some were not. Folks far away from agricultural lands are searching ways to get it easily, thru local/online vendors or whoever they may find. Men with entrepreneurial skills are taking advantage by filling up the need […]

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Guyabano Maturity Assessment

I have been eyeing for this guyabano fruit for weeks. Observing how the appearance changes as I get down and climb up the stair. The soursop tree is about three steps away downstairs. Here are the changes that could be observed when soursop fruit is mature or nearing its ripe stage. As the fruit grow […]

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Preparing A Fresh and Instant Leaf Tea

There are two guyabano trees in front of our office. A microwave oven is available for use. Two available materials for making fresh instant tea. I am doing the following procedures in preparing tea every morning and whenever I like it. Ohh! Correction, only in office. 1) Get three guyabano leaves. 2) Rinse it shortly […]

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