The Rise of Guyabano and Tawa Tawa Capsules

The world have begun to turn backward. People are now practicing the old style of living. When the tablets, vaccines, capsules and syrups are not yet invented, our ancestors were using traditional medicines for treating various diseases. The same trend can be observed nowadays.

Drug companies are joining the bandwagon by creating natural preparations. The perfect example is the Lagundi. The herb is one of the ten herbal medicines approved the Department of Health. It is popular for curing cough. Pascual Laboratories is actively promoting their own version – Ascof Lagundi. Other not so popular brands are also available. Another example is the Ampalaya Plus of Nattural Quality Corporation. Amplaya is known to control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

The tawa tawa herb and guyabano tree are gaining popularity in treating dengue fever and cancer respectively. As of date the two plants are not yet approved by authorities but their effectiveness is backed by lot of testimonies.

Having the two plants nearby when needed is a big relief but a headache for those living in highly urbanized areas. It never grow on cemented land.

It sounds like there’s a demand! It sounds like biznes. Do a little googling and see some folks doing biznes by selling tawa tawa and guyabano capsules.

tawa tawa searchFresh lagundi leaves and whole ampalaya are better than capsules. In case not available, the capsule preparation is a good alternative. Popular  brands passed the test conducted by FDA Philippines and probably safe. The same apply to tawa tawa and guyabano but they are not yet approved by the institution.

Gel capsules can be bought easily from drug stores. Anyone can make a capsule and sell it. He might do it in unsanitary manner or fill in other leaves of unknown properties. Buy at your own risk!

Guyabano Cure – Comment Highlights

The post “Guyabano Really Cures Cancer? Here are Some Evidence” is getting lots of comments. Many readers might not be patient enough to scan through. I scanned over and tried to re-write important information.

Cancer means any disease cause by cell abnormality. It does not cover diseases cause by microorganisms and viruses. Guyabano is popular as strong anti-cancer agent. Any inquiries about other diseases are beyond the brain of the blog author. Let us hope someone knowledgeable enough will share their expertise.

1) Pure green barley. c/o renante siborboro. It was claimed the it help Maritoni and April Boy cure they cancer. I guessed they are celebrity personality.

2) Go pure vegetarian diet.

3) c/o bernadette morabe. a) have faith in God b) consult a doctor c) eat healthy foods e) 30 minutes daily exercise f) have some fresh air g) get a morning sunlight and h) drink guyabano leaf concoction daily.

4) c/o faith. Drink guyabano leaves everyday. Refrain from drinking it daily if the disease is gone. Too much of anything does harm. Continue eating the fruit everyday. Seeds should not be eaten. Bark and roots can be included. Refrigeration will increase its shelf life and maintain potent properties.

5) c/o jane. Luyang dilaw, if available, can be mixed with the concoction.

6) c/o dyaems. drink guyabano tea in the morning instead of coffee.

7) c/o ron tancio. Never believed on any processed products with a natural claim. Have the tea at least one liter a day. Take at least 1 servings of guyabano fruit (200g/serving). For stage 3 cancers and up, make it 3-5 servings. Take 4-6 tsp of virgin coconut oil and Lacto Pafi (3-6 jiggers per day). Avoid sugar rich foods, meat and white rice. No to coffee and milk. Stress is a no no.

8) c/o william. For those who are suffering from gonorrhea and herpes, guyabano is the God’s answer for you. Here are the things you need to do: a) Eat the fruit pulp except the seeds. b) Pound the peels to attain very fine texture, blender will do it easier. Place it on XL size diaper. Wear the diaper and sit. Do a circling hip motion until the mashed peels reach your sex organ and anus. Do the trick for 15 to 30 minutes and repeat three to five times.

9) c/o angela cartagena. It might also help couple to have a baby.

Please add or make corrections!

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The Ice Cold Guyabano Leaf Tea

The guyabano leaf tea is becoming a regular part of my morning routine. Coffee and tea taste better but this guyabano has a different effect. It makes my body feels lighter and more energetic. Knowing that it’s a miracle cure for cancer makes me wanting for more. I have no cancer or whatever disease but I want to follow the saying “an ounce of prevention is better than pounds of cure”.

A cup of leaf tea in the morning is enough. Just boiling a cup whenever I want it. Go for other drink if the leaf is not available or too lazy to prepare. I am taking about one kilometer walk, forth and back, to get a bunch of leaves. Getting it in middle of busy schedule is almost impossible.

I got this idea from my big brother, I saw him drinking an ice cold guyabano leaf tea. He told me that he always prepare three liters and store it in refrigerator. He always take tea in early morning and after work.

Again I walked and got a bunch of guyabano leaves. I boiled it until the water was slightly golden brown. Let it cool. Transferred to bottle and placed inside the refrigerator. I refilled the casserole with water and boiled it again – boiled the same set twice. I think this will last for several days.

boiling fresh guyabano leaves


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Update: More Health Information About Guyabano

Guyabano seed is reported to be toxic. In fact, it can be crushed and used as insecticide. But do not be afraid to eat guyabano. The flesh and other parts are perfectly safe. In case of seed ingestion, gastric juice is not enough to digest and soften it.

guyabano soursop seeds

I was researching more about guyabano seeds. I found more info about the seeds and I also found a very nice reading about the fruit.

This article contains guyabano properties, the diseases and pathogens in can cure, contraindications, phytochemical information and many clinical studies backed-up with credible references.

I think the reason “no scientific evidences” will not work for this one.

Read the article here! Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the document.

Its a 33 pages article. Please read patiently.

Eating Sweet and Sour Guyabano Fruit

guyabano sprinkled with sugar

Before, we have many guyabano trees. The number decreased because the demand for this succulent and very perishable fruit is very low. A ripe fruit today will be spoiled tomorrow. Now, we have only few trees left.

Before, my mother only sells big and sweet fruits. No one are willing to buy the small ones. Small fruits are just eaten at home or got spoiled when no one was interested. I often see fruits just falling to the ground because the tree variety is sour. Most of us love sweet fruit and hate the sour version.

Recently the news about astounding health benefits of guyabano spread rapidly. From then on, no fruits from are farm are gone to waste. Every fruit are salable, big and small (even the size of a fist), sweet and sour. I need to grab a fruit from my mother’s sack in order to have one.

Too bad, we only have few trees!

I usually remove the peel and center part of guyabano before eating. The center part, next to stalk, is not tasty so I need to throw it away. I spit the seed one by one while chewing. I avoid cracking any seeds because they are reported to have toxic properties.

guyabano flesh

In case of sour variety, adding sugar will counter the sourness.

guyabano sprinkled with sugar

How to Make Fruit Jam (Basic Principles)

Applicable Fruits

1 kg fruit- peel and seeds removed
1 kg sugar, white
10 ml (1 tbsp) calamansi juice or 1.25g (1/4 tsp) citric acid
5 tsp pectin powder (should be mixed with sugar)

1. Select ripe but firm fruits.
2. Wash them thoroughly under running water or through several changes of water.
3. Blanch the fruit by dipping them in hot water. Dipping will help reduce the microbial load.
4. Remove peel, seeds and core. Crush the by chopping or mixing in a blender.
5. Cook the fruits gently until soft. Fruits which break down readily, like berries, do not require additional water; but they are simmered for 15 minutes, before adding the sugar. Those requiring water needs boiling until the volume is reduced by about one-third.
6. Add acid to fruits with low acidity such as papaya, guava, and mango. For every kilogram of fruit, add 1 tbsp (10 ml) of calamansi or lemon juice or 1/4 tsp (1.25 ml) of citric acid.
7. Add sugar and boil until the setting point is reached. Temperature reaches 105-105oC or sugar concentration reaches 60-65oBrix.
8. Remove the jam from the heat immediately after setting point is reached. To keep the fruit from rising to the top of the finished product, stir the mixture for five minutes at frequent intervals after cooking. Stir gently to prevent air bubbles from forming in the jam.
9. Hot-filled the jam into sterile glass jars with lid. The temperature should be 82-85oC. If the filling temperature is too hot, the steam will condense on the inside of the lid and drop down onto the surface of the product. This will dilute the product’s surface making it vulnerable to microbial attack. Set them aside to cool undisturbed for proper gel formation.

The following physico-chemical properties can be measured for quality assurance purposes. Properties should be uniform every batch. Adjustments can be computed using Pearson’s Square formula. All artificial preservative can be omitted but will cause decrease in product shelf life.

a. sugar content. Sugar concentration can be increased by adding sugar or can be lowered by adding water or pulp.
b. pH. This can be lowered by adding citric acid or can be increased by adding water or pulp.
c. titrable acidity. Same as in (a), just replace sugar with citric acid. Be cautious because citric acid affects both pH and titrable acidity.