Should I Take Advantage of Health Benefits as Marketing Tool?

Any product is healthy when – it is organic, naturally healthy, scientifically proven to posses chemicals beneficial to human health and fortified.

With this reasoning, it is safe to assume that all edible fruits and vegetables are naturally healthy. And even healthier if a renowned scientist discovered a certain phytochemical that help cure disease. Or, grown organically.

Meat and alcohol as long as consumed in moderation are healthy. Meat is despised in strict vegetarian diet and practitioners are having a hard time getting meat nutrient replacement.

When pork and chicken cause you health problems. Organically grown animals come to the rescue. Keeping you worry free of any problems that may arise.

Capsules and juices prepared from concoction of herbal plants are healthy. People are buying them like donuts even though a large “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” is legibly printed on label.

As more and more consumers are becoming health conscious these days, a healthy proposition is a very nice marketing tool.

It is not wrong. but be sure you have the evidence to back it up and you are selling the right thing. Adding a bit of turmeric to any juice does not necessarily make it healthier. Also, a supposed healthy product laden with preservatives and lots of artificial ingredients is as good as junk.

Health Benefits Of Leafy Greens – Best Health

Preferably use fresh and organic ingredients for green smoothie recipes. The blended drink contains fiber essential for the human body. Even if it is blended smoothie the vitamins and minerals remains for body nourishment. The leafy greens have tons of health benefits for the human body. The green food recipes can also be perfect for the children to have their greens. It is a delicious way of getting the required amount of healthy vegetables in your diet is by using leafy greens in green smoothie recipes.

Leafy Greens Benefit

The green blended recipes are loaded with nutrients, and are easily digested. It contains high fiber coming from the leafy greens helping for better digestion. It was considered as a super food because of the goodness and wellness it can offer to the human body. There are certain leafy vegetables containing supplements beneficial for the body such as, calcium, yes one can have calcium in some of the vegetables, and it is acceptable as milk and other dairy products.

The leafy vegetables of green food recipes provide an excellent source of iron, magnesium, fiber and is high in A and C vitamins. The immune system of the human body can boost up to protect the body because some content of greens helps the body to protect and prevent chronic diseases. Also, it helps in correcting bowel movement, digestive system and metabolism. The green smoothies recipes containing fruits and vegetables can give the body a boost of energy.

The green blended food for weight reduction is a great way to get in another serving of leafy greens. You can incorporate your favorite fruits to satisfy your taste buds. It is more delicious and healthy and also the best way for kids to have more greens for their body. You can experiment with your green smoothie’s weight loss recipes and try to add fruity flavors allowing you to consume a healthy dose of vegetables, it takes less than 5 minutes to make, so it is hard to mess up making raw blended food for weight reduction.

The Green food for weight reduction provides a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients good for the human body. It can also give antioxidants and fiber helping the body to proper digestion. The blended raw food helps you make the food easily digestible and also it breaks down easily to get the nutrients to the body cells. You can get copies of recipes online and try to follow them. It is very easy and quick to make. When used in making green blended food for weight reduction you can try to experiment and make your own recipe in the comfort of your home.

Another there are variations of green smoothies weight loss recipes to keep thing interesting. You can mix and match the ingredients to experiment to find a perfect blend. There is the basic recipe for beginners to follow. Originally the discovery of the raw blended food is not for weight reduction purposes, but for refreshments only. Later that people use the green smoothie’s weight loss as an effective solution for health problems.

Other health benefits that are beneficial for the human body is it has an anticancer agent. The best of green food recipes is that it can help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. One can make and drink the extraordinarily delicious and healthy blended food every day to see the outstanding results coming from the leafy greens and other ingredients. Now, process for ehic application to cover your health as well as for your loved ones. Basically, this coverage ensures that your expenses in relation to medical bills is paid in exchange of little premiums that you pay for the cover.

First and Last Days are the Healthiest days of the Year

I think, December 31 and January 1 are the healthiest days of the year. Why? The answer is simple. It is because of the long running tradition. Preparing a bunch of round fruits on table plus the addition of some native kakanin. Buchi and palutang are among the popular new year kakanin. However, fewer and fewer are into making buchi because of its long tedious cooking procedure.

new year fruits

Speaking of round fruits. We are not talking of perfect sphere here. There is no such fruit. Well, tell me if it happen you know anything of this shape. Most fruit has round appearance so anything you found in the market, your own farm or perhaps neighbor’s farm could be place on dining table to welcome the coming year. Apples, watermelon, chico, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, orange, ponkan and banana. Do not argue with me with the last one.

The very reason for this is the “good luck” it is going to bring for the whole coming year. New year should be welcomed with bountiful foods on table. Start it big and everything follows. I am sure you’ll always have more than enough if you never stop working hard. On the other hand, doing nothing but looking up in the sky and waiting for the blessing to come down will bring nothing but hunger.

Come to think of it. It is only during the first and last day of the year when I get to eat lot of fruits. My habit is getting a piece or two whenever I pass beside dining table. I rarely eat rice, fish, meats and junk foods during these days. About 70% of my total food intake are fruits.

Hmmm… How can I develop the habit of always having fruits on dining table?