Nestle Zero Fat and No Added Sugar Mango Ice Cream

Craving for ice cream but dying to loose fat? Oil is one of ice cream ingredients so gaining fat from eating such is likely. The non-fat or the zero fat alternative might be right for you, like this one!

nestle zero fat ice cream

How true? The nutrition facts clearly states that it really contains no fat. As added bonus, it has no added sugar either. The 14 grams of carbohydrates might came from the flavor itself (mango and milk). Ignore the value and eat the ice cream. Do not expect the manufacturer to remove those carbs – it cost a lot.

ice cream nutrition facts

Carbohydrates are source of energy. Avoiding too much is bad. Doing daily routine might be hard if you do.

Instead of using table sugar or aspartame, the product has inulin and sucralose as sweetener. Inulin. Can be 10% as sweet as sugar. Helps increase calcium and magnesium absorption. Can replace sugar, fat or flour. Contains 25-35% less energy than carbohydrates. Sucralose. It is 600 times as sweet as sugar. Could be a healthier alternative cause health issues regarding this sweetener is rare. Popular brand is Splenda.

Time to eat.

scooping ice cream

This ice cream is awesome. I feel like eating real mangoes.

Like other foods, some ingredients are declared in their generic names. Is it hard to list the specific names of the following? 1) bulking agents, 2) stabilizer, 3) emulsifier, 4) food colors, 6) food acids, and 7) nature identical flavors.

ice cream ingredient list

The product is exclusively available at Mercury Drug for 153 pesos per 450 ml cup.

approximate downward measurement


Taking Ice Cream as Cough Remedy

Have a cough? What will you do in case you really have? Rest is the least priority – need to work to earn some. Perhaps taking cough medicine is the first action.

Which medicine will you choose? Dahon (leaf) or the One?

The One refers to advertiser itself, the Solmux. It is being endorsed by Bossing Vic. The advantage of “The One” is fast acting cure – less waiting time. Fast acting cure is their claim.

On the other hand, dahon is none other than lagundi herbal cough medicine. This natural remedy is proven effective and recognized by the Department of Health (DOH). Some drug companies are commercializing it as syrup and capsule. Popular brands are Flemex and Ascof. They are true competitors.

Mom chose none of the above. She never take any cough syrup and any herbal medicine. She is taking a food that is not meant to be a cure. She is eating ice cream everytime she have a cough. I have not tried it but it really works for her every time.

ice cream on stick

I am looking for some explanations for this. I can’t find any on the net. Please help!

The Dirty Factory of Dirty Ice Cream (Sorbetes And Ice Drop)

I love dirty ice cream when I was young and I am still buying as of date.

It is made in a double wall container. The outer wall has ice- use to harden the ice cream. The inner wall serve as container for ice cream. This is where the ingredients are mixed until they achieved the ice cream drop sketch

According to my ancestors, it is called dirty ice cream cause the sweats of the man mixing it is falling to product. The sweat is the secret ingredient but I don’t think it is still secret.

Eating cold food such as sorbetes and ice drop is very refreshing during hot days. It might be the reverse if you know that your favorite is coming from a dirty factory.

Arch Angel Ice Cream, 26B Masbate, Luzviminda Village, Batasan hills, Quezon City. Owned by Resty and Liza Alcantara is manufacturing sorbetes and ice drop. They already have a wide distribution channels like elementary schools.

However, A concerned citizen reported the to GMA7 Imbestigator due to following unsanitary practices:

1) Foul smelling odors, due to spoiled products.
2) Reprocessing products returned by customers.
3) Recycling spoiled raw materials.
4) Using hands as container for transferring and mixing ingredients.
5) Letting the raw materials uncovered on floors.Maybe they have no enough money to buy stainless ladle
6) As seen on camera, A group of cockroaches are aming for an attack.
7) Not just Cockroaches, a rodent was also caught running around.
8) Flooring is a rough cemented floors with soils, dirt and water.
9) Improper raw material storage.
10) No ventilation like exhaust fans.
11) Using of rusty mold and very old rusty and dirty freezer.
12) Workers are bare footed, wearing shorts, no t-shirts and bathing with sweats.

According to analysis of Chempro Analytical Services Laboratories Inc, the product failed the microbial standard and might cause food poisoning.

It was suggested for closure by Quezon city Sanitation Division. All the dangerous goods were confiscated in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 856 code on sanitation.

After few days, they were able to build a new factory, a new clean factory. They promised their customers that they will improve the product quality and cleanliness.

Those who want to start a food processing venture. Please be reminded that food is a very dangerous commodity. Unsanitary practices might convert it to a very potent poison. You may start it small, kitchen scale, but be sure to start it clean and maintain it clean.