The Cassava Cake from Iloilo

If I never knew what it was from the start, I would have thought it was an egg pie. An egg pie with an odd looking shape. There was no thrill cause he never gave me the chance to make a wild guess.

It was a cassava cake straight from Iloilo. Different from cassava cake from Cotobato. Different from what vendors here in Indang are selling. And even different from what my mom used to cook.

It amazes me how a specific delicacy is changing based on places, human experiences and preference. Human are really made to be creative.

This cassava cake tasted slightly sweet and milky. I felt a slight kick of egg pie flavor. A softer upper portion while the rest / bottom was tougher. I never felt any cheese but I was guessing the worm like decorations were cheese shreds.

cassava cakes ilo ilo style