Mr. Duck | The White Salted Egg

Salted eggs are eggs immersed in brine solution for a specified period to make its content salty and last considerably longer. They are called salted eggs or itlog na maalat because they taste salty.

Normal duck eggs are dirty white in color, salted eggs are dirty white too. The latter are painted with red for the soul purpose of easy identification. People call it red egg or itlog na pula cause they are literally red in appearance.

Then, all itlog na pula are itlog na maalat, and all itlog na maalat are itlog na pula. Base on color appearance, all white colored eggs are normal eggs and the reds are salted eggs. It is engraved in every Filipinos minds from the time they encountered the two terms.

How can we make white salted eggs then? Or, how can we make people accept the white salted eggs?

This was the problem my uncle encountered when he tried making itlog na maalat. He carefully followed the procedures and succeeded in creating salted eggs with the right blend of saltiness. He used an ordinary Ferna dye to make it red but failed. It resulted to a barely pink appearance.

I suggested the red dye meant for coloring eggs but warned him about its harmful effects. He is a health conscious person and denied using the dangerous dye.

He sold it together with fresh and commercially made itlog na maalat. Very few bought his own cause of the barely pink appearance. He never made such product again.

I guess he needs some marketing strategy! This Mr. Duck Salted Eggs is becoming popular. A white salted eggs free from harmful Sudan Dye. He should have consulted its producer for some useful advice!

mr duck salted egg