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Canned Juice Drink?

Juice drink? Just when did it changed to such. It is juice drink all along? I thought all canned juices have more percentage natural juice or nearly 100%. I know even if it is labeled 100% natural, it isn’t. Manufacturer sure adds some additive to make the shelf life significantly longer. It is pure when […]

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Juice From Cocoa Bean Pulp…

I think the idea is unique and interesting. A new use for cacao. It could be a hit as people might find it interesting. Or maybe not. There are too many availabe juice variants on grocery shelves. Cacao pod is similar to santol at some point. The seeds are covered with juicy delicious mucilage. People […]

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Natural Pineapple Juice With Very Few Ingredients

Not all juices are created equal. There are affordable juices. Affordable that buying one is cheaper than getting a bottled water. There are expensive juices, you’re gonna think that buying a fresh fruit is better, cheaper and healthier. Okay! In its strictest sense, most processed juice cannot beat its natural counterpart. Tomato which the phytochemical […]

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