Mr. Kimbob & Special Bibimbob Sauce

mr kimbob

Our chosen place to eat lunch before going home was SM Food Court. Then our chosen store was Mr. Kimbob. There were many choices and I let my companions did the honor. It was Mr. Kimbob. A Korean style food stall.

Our order was their main menu. The mixed fried rice. But unlike other offerings, this has meat, fried egg and lots of fresh vegetables arranged in round beautiful passion. It was served in a sisig style round plate. It was more like vegetable sisig rather. There was a wide screen instructing new customers like me on how to eat it. It was simple, add the special Seoul Spice on top and mix it together.

mr kimbob

On the contrary, there was kimchi on the side. Mixing without the sauce will make everything spicy already. Adding might be overpowering. I am not accustomed to Korean foods yet. It would be a disaster if my senses can’t stand it.

While the two mixed the thing except for the special sauce, I left mine as it was and ate one component at a time. It was a good decision, the hardest thing to swallow was kimchi.

I was curious about the sauce so we brought it home.

I was more interested on presentation. How it taste like was second nature. While the common fast food sauces are packed in sachet, this particular is in squeeze tube. If I never know it is sauce then I would have mistaken it for a super glue. No offense intended. The tube size is relative to glue and skin ointment.

kimbob sauce

There were lots of ingredients on the list, small and hard to read. The cap has no pointed edge to pierce the tube open but the aluminum seal can be pulled easily.

I opened it and came out was dark red viscous sauce. It resembles banana ketchup, a bit darker. It was hot, spicy and there a lots of weird flavors I don’t recognize.

As of the moment, I like the dish, but the sauce is another story. I preferred the kick of pure labuyo. It is not like I don’t want it with a big NO. I trained my tongue for ampalaya, black coffee and wine. I also learned to lessen sugar on every food I eat. I am sure I can get used the sauce as well as kimchi.