Trying The Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner

According to tv commercial, the Knorr Rice Mate gonna make rice softer, whiter, more fragrant and more delectable. It has Vitamin A and iodine as bonus. One 5g pack cost 4.50 pesos and good for half kilogram rice. I took a good look at ingredient listing. Tried explaining each and what it can do to make rice better.

knorr rice mate

Jasmine Rice. The expensive rice known for its nutty aroma and subtle flavor. I never know if  it is the most expensive and delectable.

Sugar. Ants love sugar,  bees love sugar and perhaps human loves sugar the most. His love for sugar and creativeness lead to invention of countless food products and dishes. They even learned to add sugar to cooked rice. I experienced eating sugar flavored rice during my childhood days.

Maltodextrin. Serve as bulking agent, humectants, sweetener,  flavor carrier and has the ability to protect flavors. Bulking agent – for the same amount of rice, adding maltodextrin is going to yield more volume. Humectant – it prevents the loss of water to keep rice softer for longer period. Old rice / bahaw na kanin is often dry, tough and hard to eat. Flavor carrier and protector – A delectable rice is expected to last- it protects flavor.

Artificial pandan flavor. It is a good rice natural additive. Ohhhh! I am referring to real pandan leaves.

Palm oil. I cannot understand why they did include palm oil. Maybe to make the rice oilier.

Natural flavor. I read it several times. It is really a natural flavor. Identifying the specifics is like shooting an apple in middle of darkness. Gonna ask the help of William Tell.

Nutrient premix (Vitamin A acetate, potassium iodide and maltodextrin). I think adding nutrients to every food item is a good marketing strategy. People will be inclined to buy cause it is nutritious.

No msg added. Hmm… No comment!

I tried the Knorr Rice Mate. I followed the directions stated on back label. Wash 1/2 kilogram rice (2 to 4 cups) and add appropriate amount of water.  Add one pack of Knnor Rice Mate. Mix gently. Cook and the result is a whiter and world class quality rice.

Observations: The rice was fragrant and more delectable to my senses. Other expected effects like more volume and softer texture were not noticeable. These two properties are also dependent on amount of water added – more water = bulkier and softer to some extent.