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Chips Made of Fresh Kangkong Leaves

Ingredients: 1 bundle young kangkong leaves 2 beaten eggs 1 tsp margarine 1/2 cup flour cooking oil Cooking Instruction: Remove young kangkong leaves from petioles. Wash. Rinse. Shake lightly to remove excess water. Dissolve margarine on a pan over low fire. Let cool. Mix beaten eggs and dissolved margarine.  Coat kangkong leaves with liquid mixture […]

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Mango Leaves as Diabetic Control / Preparation Methods and Scientific Studies

An interesting poster by Lifestyle Philippines. Mango leaves reduces diabetes risk. The poster has instruction saying, boil about 15 fresh mango leaves in water. Let stand overnight. Filter. Then drink. Maybe eating green and yellow mango fruit yield the same result but there are reasons why choose leaves over the fruit.  Leaves are available all […]

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