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Lemon Water. Do You Do?

lemon slices in water

Here she go again. She was up to something she cannot continue for long. Enticed by her officemates doings, he bought some lemon and infused slices in drinking water. She asked me if I like the thing. I, not knowing she already prepared. She emphasized it detoxifies our body. Drank a glass and commented it […]

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How to Make Carrot and Lemon Jam


Raw materials: – Carrots: 2-4 kg – Lemons: 4-8 fruits of a medium size – Sugar: 3.5 kg – Lemon juice: 35 cc (four soupspoonfuls) or 2 more lemons – Water: enough to cover the carrots – Pectin: optional – Preservative: optional ,  I don’t recommend this for health reasons Materials and equipment – Aluminium […]

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