Bigger than Lettuce Sprouts

Second semester is nearing its end. I needed to finish all my assignment and projects. And one of my projects involves growing lettuce on different kind of media. My first seed sprouting attempt was a failure so I took another shot and sown one 30 grams sachet seeds on two regular pots. It went well finally but the number seems too many. I already transplanted enough for two separate experiments but there are still too many left.

lettuce seedlingsLettuce plantlets are still small and they look too crowded. What more if I let them grow. There won’t be enough space for each. And the nutrients within the media are sure not enough.

What’s next? The right thing to do is to harvest 70 percent of plant and let the rest continue growing.  The sprouts I gathered by cutting with a sharp scissors are placed in a clean dipper with water and rinsed several times to remove dirt and soil particles.

harvested lettuce seedlings in dipper of waterIt looks like a larger version of commercial lettuce sprouts. It taste like a regular large lettuce without the more bitter stalks.

lettuce plantlets on bowl

The Romaine Lettuce

I guess I already told several times that I never ate any bitter vegetable before. Green vegetables such as lettuce, pechay, mustard and bitter melon. I learned eating them as I grew up, through friends influence and ultimately via my wife’s force. They were always encouraging  me to try, often saying it’s good and nutritious. My wife is often cooking bitter vegetables even if she was well aware that I was not fond of those.

I learned eating lettuce first when I was in college. I liked it because it is crispy. Remember any flat tasting biscuit or chip are enjoyable to eat when crispy, not otherwise. Lettuce is also taste bitter but can be masked easily with any dip. The plain mayonnaise is the best but other non-salad dip may do – ketchup and Mang Tomas.

romaine lettuce

Another Lettuce in CvSU SAKA Project. Anyone familiar with the traditional curly lettuce leaves would never thought it is a lettuce. Appearance is not a close match. It appears more like pechay or mustard.

It is a Romaine lettuce. It is eaten in the same way as regular curly version. Its base resembles any brassica species. The leaves are sleek, erect with a bit bent tip. It has the same crisp and bitter taste with a slight impression of cottony texture. Leaves tip are the best. Bitterness gets more intense down to stalk base.

romaine lettuce wrapped in bond paper

I am to lazy to buy or prepare any dip so I usually eat them as is.

Make Lettuce Your Snack


My wife and I go to market every Saturday to buy our food needs for the whole week. Guess what is my favorite buy. It is lettuce.

I am eating lettuce as my snack instead of unhealthy junk foods. Its a little bit weird but I am using ketchup as my dressing.


All lettuce is a good source of chlorophyll and vitamin K.   Lettuce provides good source of choline.  Romain lettuce is the most nutrient-dense of all the lettuce varieties and is an excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, folic acid, manganese and chromium.

Since lettuce is very low in calories, it has been effective when consumed as a diet food. Due to its high water content, lettuce provides little health benefits beyond its nutrient content.