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Making The Wilted Lettuce Crispy

They said lettuce are best eaten when crispy. Yes! I think so. It is crispy when at peak of vegetative growth, still attached to soil, getting enough water and needed nutrients. For the hydroponic lettuce – still submerged to water… It is still crispy right after harvest, a short time after harvesting, and not after a certain […]

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The Romaine Lettuce

I guess I already told several times that I never ate any bitter vegetable before. Green vegetables such as lettuce, pechay, mustard and bitter melon. I learned eating them as I grew up, through friends influence and ultimately via my wife’s force. They were always encouraging  me to try, often saying it’s good and nutritious. My […]

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The Lettuce Chips

This chip reminds of ate Bing Angeles, a friend, a woman, who is busy making and selling Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips.  It looked very much like her product and I thought it was hers. Chips in a red transparent pouch. Triangular shape lettuce chips. If I and her were not mistaken it was her who […]

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Make Lettuce Your Snack


My wife and I go to market every Saturday to buy our food needs for the whole week. Guess what is my favorite buy. It is lettuce. I am eating lettuce as my snack instead of unhealthy junk foods. Its a little bit weird but I am using ketchup as my dressing. All lettuce is […]

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