Linga / Sesame at Nabua Camarines Sur

The old and popular bahay kubo song said, “Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng linga”. The ending lyrics of native Bahay Kubo song said, “around the nipa hut are numerous sesame plants”.

I tell you what. I have never seen any real sesame plant ever since my body came into senses. There were no sesame plants after all. There is no any sesame around the nipa hut. I guess, the song needs correction.

There are sesame roaming around. Few sesame seed on top of every sesame bread. Perhaps there are more than my eyes could see. Sesame seeds and products are available but most of them are imported.

Philippine has its own sesame according to Ailyn Adante of CPAR on Sesame Project. It is native to Nabua Camarines Sur. Local farmers are leaving it and shifting to other crops due to lack of knowledge on farming and processing technologies.

CPAR Sesame project intervened on year 2010 to fill in the gap, and save the dying sesame industry.  Their activities involved adaptability trials, determination of high yielding varieties, fertilizer calibration trials and food processing technologies like sesame candies and sesame oil.

Sesame is a good catch crop. It could be an inter-crop to main crop such as corn, or a stand alone crop during the dry season. It is drought resistant.

“Community-based Participatory Action Research (CPAR)”

CPAR on Sesame Based Farming System in the 4th District of Camarines Sur

For more information:
D.A. Region. 5
Bicol Integraded Agricultural Research Center(BIARC)
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