Longganisa, 30% Back Fat, 70 % Lean Meat

Our very first meat processing laboratory exercise set my mind confused about the common longganisa we usually get from the wet market. The book stated and our professor said, longganisa consist of 70 % lean meat and 30% back fat from pork. We even did an actual longganisa recipe so we could experience it first hand.

The product we produced was very different. It was all meaty that we could barely see fat traces. You know what I mean! The product we know and eat are mostly backfat. It is stuffed with fat fragments which could be easily seen upon breaking it to half. I assume the too much sweet taste is set to mask overly packed unhealthy thing.

Jollibee breakfast meal reminded me of this things. Their longganisa tasted like a hotdog and not a longganisa I know.

jollibee longganisa