Tawa Tawa, Luya and Babana are Possible Dengue Cures | not prohibited but not yet recommended

Tawa tawa, luya and banaba are possible cures for dengue but need intensive studies before it can be promoted to general public. Authorities are not promoting it but also not discouraging its use. They are playing safe I guess. They want to help but also never want to face the blame in the end.

All three herbal medicines are currently subject to various verification studies of institutions like Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and UERM. Experts added that proving efficacy of a herbal medicine really entails hard work.

Ten herbal medicines are currently registered to Food and Drug Administration(FDA). The medicinal plants were subjected under series of long intensive studies before got  approved. Let’s hope the three mentioned plants are next in line.

Latest Department of Health (DOH) list recorded 42,407 dengue cases for the first six months of year 2013.

via gma 24 oras