Malunggay Products

The following are products made of malunggay leaves.

1) Malunggay breads are popular nowadays. I have been hearing comments, it gets tough easily. Hope the feedback is not true this sweet sorghum pandesal with malunggay.

sweet sorghum malunggay with pandesal

2) Malunggay Shing-a-ling. I have been looking how to make a regular shing-a-ling. I hope you can teach me how.

healthyricH malunggay shing-a-ling

3) Malunggay Vegetarian Noodles.

malunggay vegetarian noodles

4) Malunggay veggie cookies.

malunggay veggie cookies

5) Malunggay polvoron. A nicely package polvoron.

malunggay powder and polvoron

malunggay polvoron

6) Moringa leaf powder. A ready to used product  for myriad of applications.

moringa leaf powder

100 pesos moringa leaf powder

7) Malunggay teas.

malunggay health teas

8) Malunggay veggie kropek.

malunggay veggie kropek

9)  Malungay capsules, together with other herbal supplements.

maluggay capsules

10) Malunggay concoction concentrate.

malunggay etc concentrate

11)  Healthy veggie siomai with malunggay.

malunggay veggie siomai

12)  Malunggay tea vinegar. It was the product I never expected.

malunggay tea vinegar

13) Milk? It is an indirect product, produce by goat after feeding on malunggay leaves.

malunggay for dairy goat