The Malunggay Pandesal

While they were in pediatric clinic, waiting for baby’s turn to undergo monthly check-up, I took about 500 meters walk to the newly opened malunggay pandesal bakery. My real purpose was to buy some malunggay bread so I was willing to wait even if there were lots of people in waiting line.

It seems this establishment is baking one and only product, the malunggay pandesal. Several racks with numerous trays are arranged around the room but all of them only contain the specific bread. I am hoping they could develop other healthy breads like guyabano monay, mangosteen biscuits, pineapple tart, mango loafs and the likes.

I got the bread after few minutes of waiting. Each bread cost two pesos. I ordered ten pieces so the damaged I incurred was 20 pesos. Not bad.

Each malunggay pandesal looks expensive. About two times smaller than what morning pandesal vendors are selling. It taste delicious however. The desirable flavor compensates for its smaller size.  My wife agrees. Perhaps other customers feel the same way. People keeps on coming even if the bakery offers the one and only bread line.

bitten malunggay pandesal on palmmalunggay pandesalThe bread is delectable but its taste is not suggestive of maluggay. I tried sensing the plant flavor but there was none. There are several green dots that can be seen on surface and inner portion. Its none other than malunggay leaves I guess.

Malunggay pandesal sounds like a bread made of malunggay leaves as main ingredients. Maybe the more correct term is “malunggay flavored pandesal“.


I took clearer pictures at home.

malunggay pandesal HD 2malunggay pandesal HD

The Malunggay Pandesal Bakery

Malunggay bread or the malunggay flavored bread has been out in the market place for quite a period of time. Though the product is existing, it is not usual for a bakery to make it a front liner. A main product to compete with the highly competitive bakery venture.

A rare sight. This newly opened bakery is selling Malungay Pandesal as its main product. A large tarpaulin is hung on establishment front.

malunggay pandesal bakeryIntroducing…. MALUNGGAY PANDESAL, HOT 24/7.

Health Benefits:
– Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron
– Antioxidant Food Ingredients
– Immune System Booster
– Detoxifier
– Good functioning of Liver
– Lower Sugar Level of the body
– Proper Digestion/ Anti-inflammatory
– Anti Virus
– Cleanser
– Good Blood Circulation
– Powerful Cure for UTI

malunggay pandesal signageI wanted to try but I was on the rush. There are several persons falling in-line and the sale staffs were busy on other matter I never knew. Anyway, I still have plenty of time to buy it later.


See the follow-up post!

The Sting Malunggay

The Sting Energy Drink got the service of Pambansang Kamao and Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Manny is now endorsing their newly released product, the Sting Malunggay.

sting malunggay

Before the product release. Most energy drink buyers were carrying the rival, Cobra Energy Drink. It has better flavor, according to them. After the product release. Most energy drink buyers are now drinking the new Sting Malunggay. The combination of international boxing icon and the healthy malunggay has a great impact on sales. Note: My observation does not represent the whole Philippine market.

Both Manny and malunggay induce the placebo effect. Anyone feel more healthy and strong by believing on power punch of Manny and healthy benefits of green leaves. I can haul more rice because I am taking the favorite drink of boxing champion. Malunggay is healthy indeed.

Contains malunggay extract. Extract from 25 malunggay leaves. Never sure how they define leaf.  The amount was too little if they are pertaining to every single round leaflets. Appropriate and perhaps very healthy if they are referring to a whole tripinnate leaf – a  single large petiole with all petiolules and leaflets intact. Drinking this 240ml energy drink is like taking 25 malunggay trippinate leaves.

a malunggay tripinnate leaf

The 25 leaves might be referring to 25 leaflets singles. There was no noticeable difference in aroma, color and taste as compared to yellow colored Sting.  The product is still too sweet and smells too sweet. The color appears darker due to a dark colored label.

It should not confused any pregnant and lactating women. The presence of malunggay is not a reason to take it. It is still a caffeinated drink which might affect you and baby’s health.

Can Malunggay Really Increase Breast Milk ?

Uncle planted  malunggay tree beside their house. It was a request of her wife. The plant is known for its galactogogue effect, can increase the amount of breast milk. Human milk is recommended by experts. Consuming malunggay and preparations with malunggay leaves and pods can save money and make a child healthier.

The next was about sister-in-law. She started to take lots of malunggay leaves on the onset of her pregnancy. She was also making a malunggay tea in case her husband never wanted to eat it. The result: She barely had breast milk three days after baby’s birth. She was very frustrated but she continued eating the leaves.

My wife did the same when she was pregnant. She started eating malunggay the first day she discovered that she was carrying a baby. She wanted more breast milk for her future baby. She got angry every time I forgot to get some leaves. The excuse,”the leaves were too high and unreachable” did not worked. I should  climb the fragile malunggay tree – it was really risky! The result: She barely had breast milk. She pumped her breast for few weeks to help induce milk production but we failed. The milk production ceased after few weeks.

The same thing happened to my other auntie. She ate lots of malunggay leaves but she barely had breast milk.

I am not discouraging anyone to stop taking malunggay leaves or stop anyone believing that it is a galactogogue. I am just wondering if it is really effective.  It might be effective only to those capable of producing normal quantity of human milk!

malunggay leaves

Cooking Vegetable Dish From Malunggay Pods

There are two tall malunggay trees five houses away from our home. The two trees have a lot of flowers and beginning to bear fruits / pods. My auntie told me that pods can also be cooked but she never know how. I want to get some pods for testing but I never know its right maturity. Hmmm… this thing needs some googling session.

Finally, I got some malunggay pods but the source was not my neighbor. It took almost eight hours travel from  Bongar, Malasiqui, Pangasinan – my wife’s hometown. My googling was cancelled.

The pod is almost 14 inches long, a few inches longer than my lappy. She stated that the picture below is the right stage for maturity. The pod is woody but the seeds are still soft.

length of malunggay pod

Pod skin should be removed prior to cooking. It can be done by pricking the tip and pulling. Then cut, about two to three inches in length. It should be cut with a sharp knife. The woody pod cannot be cut cleanly with bare hands (unlike sitao).

malunggay pod peeling

This is a recipe out of malunggay pods – ginisang kalabasa, talong and malunggay pod. Saute garlic and onions over very low heat for 15 minutes. Add squash, eggplant, tomatoes and maluggay pods. Why malunggay leaves are missing?. Add it too if you want. Continue cooking for another 20 minutes or until soft.Take care not to overcooked the pods – the woody pod will break and mix with the whole dish making it inedible.

recipe for malunggay pod

The cooked pods look like a bunch of small sticks with a soft inner part. You need to hold it on one end and sip the yummy flesh. My first taste impression was awful because I made a mistake of biting the whole pod. The hard pod is discarded after sipping.

Ginisang Kalabasa (Squash) at Malunggay

ginisang kalabasa at malunggay

1 regular retail portion of squash, cut and sliced
2 cups fresh malunggay leaves
2 onions, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
salt to taste
cooking oil

1) Saute garlic and onions in a small amount of cooking oil. I always prefer sauteing over a very low fire until the onions are golden brown. The process is a bit slower, may take 15 minutes, but it allows development of more delicious flavors.
2) Add sliced squash. Fill with enough water to soak the squash slices.
3) Add black pepper and salt to taste.
4) Drop in malunggay leaves when the squash slices are already tender.
5) Allow two more minutes boiling.
6) Serve.

ginisang kalabasa at malunggay